10 DIY Aquaponic Fist tanks


Thinking of having an Aquaponic fish tank these days , but can’t because of the cost? How about doing it yourself? Imagine if you are able to grow plants and fish together in a closed system with a little hard work. It is also clean. If you are fond of  growing plants or fish then an Aquaponic fish tank is helpful. I am sure you will enjoy making this aquaponic fish tank . The results will be really creative   and innovative.

Let’s see some of the most amazing aquaponic DIY fish tanks available on the web.

Aquaponic System

The Easiest DIY Indoor Aquaponic System by Philly Aquaponics:

We can say that, not all aquaponic tanks require a setup that is completely made up of scratch. Some people already have fish tanks they only have to upgrade them into aqua ponic ones. aquaponic fish tank

The system utilizes extra lightning for both tank and plant bed. It also uses an improvised aluminium foil light box for increased plant growth . Thus , it is designed and ideal for the places where there is low or no natural light like your garage etc. This is easy to make.


10 Minute Aquaponic Set up

Easy isn’t it? Just 10 minutes and the aquarium is ready. You can watch the tutorial of it :

10 minute easy aquaponic set up by MADE

You must be amazed by knowing that you can build your own aqua ponic fish tank in mere 10 minutes. This creative designed fish tank comes from Philippines.

The Euro crates the maker is used perfectly. Fifty Dollar Table Top Aquaponic Tank

diy aquaponic on raised bed

By utilizing 10 gallons of water make a home for fish and a simple PVC pipe with end caps( it acts as a hydro ponic plant bed) This aqua ponic fish tank is so easy to make and another plus point of it is that it is cheap and affordable.

Easy IKEA hack Indoor Aquaponics System

Create this fish tank simply with just two components . It is based on the utilisation of an IKEA style wire baskets. Its compact size makes it ideal for small areas such as apartments etc.

You may explore , how this aquarium is created:IKEA based aquarium

The little basket on the top is used for housing plants2 , the lower ,deeper one for the housing the fish.

Chop and Flip IBC Build Aquaponics

It is created by Rob Bob’s Backyard Garden and Aquapinics ,aquarium

This is one is made from one of the inexpensive vessels which can hold a large body of water ,standing in a study metal frame. The tutorial steps highlight that you can learn on how to make a neat bell siphon and how to deal with leakage and prevent rust.

DIY Gold fish Pond and Aquaponics

Created by Tazawa Tanks: The tutorial on Aquaponic tank

This project is suitable for your balcony or a small garden. This project utilizes minimum amount of plastic. The colour of wood gives the set up a beautiful and natural look . The duckweed gives it a decorative look.

Re- purposed Brita2 Filter Aquaponics System

Created by by George Chaw

This can be made very easily as you may check how it is build:fish tank

This project is quite affordable as it had cost Chaw around 35$ .It requires drilling one hole for the aeration tube which houses the water pump house. When the air is pumped ,the water flows in the upper part of the tube band fills the grow bed.

No power System by JT Bear

fish tank, Save your electricity by building a no power system by JT Bear. A repurposed plastic coffee bin holding a plant that is filled by water from the tank by hand. Then the water is slowly released back into the tank through a small nose drilled into the bottom of the plant bed.

Easy Aqua ponics

From  repurposed Raised Beds by Damion Flynn: 

This fish tank has an interesting background. This fish tank holds 200 gallons. It requires a lot of time.

DIY aquaponic


Solar Tower aqua ponic system

fish tanks :These tanks save so much space.  It utilizes two solar panels. It uses 100 gallons of water. It takes time to be built  .

  • Final verdict:

Rather than buying expensive fish tanks, make one for yourselves. These were some easy and affordable aqua ponic fish tanks. I am sure you will try one of these.


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