Attic Walk in Closet. Storage Units, Shelves and Racks to Include for Wardrobe Storage


You can convert your attic in a  walk in closet when there is no enough space in your bedroom or basement for storing all the accessories, shoes, apparels, and clothes you have. Not to mention, we all have a big baggage of winter apparels, cardigans, and vests that cannot be stored away easily. Leather jackets are quite expensive too, they must not be put way in boxes for long time otherwise their colors fade away.

Most old style homes are built with attic room which is usually used for storing old household accessories and equipment which are no longer needed in home. If you do not use attic anymore you can convert it into a functional, eye-catching and beautiful walk-in closet to arrange all your wardrobe in one place, in the right order, instead of putting everything in small plastic and acrylic boxes.

It is such a pain to put and store your clothes one by one in storage boxes. Sometimes these boxes are so overloaded that they cannot be stacked up over the storage racks, besides it is not comfortable to pack and store your winter and summer wears when you have a big collection.

Converting attic into a walk in closet is not that big of a deal you would need some storage units along with shoe racks and one changing table. You do not need to worry about the investment at this point at all. By placing small wardrobe storage unit in attic you will have a nice walk in closet which can be improvised with time.

I love the idea of how you can turn an unfinished attic into a walk in closet.  This tutorial will help you create a functional room storage room for your winter and summer wears, shoes, and accessories of daily use.

Attic Walk In Closet Storage

Now question is what type of storage furniture would you need to buy for your attic walk in closet? Well you know the answers already. Just buy small storage units and free standing racks at first.

Expand the closet area by adding modular storage systems with time when you have money to spend. Save some money every month and use it for buying shelving units, wall mounted racks and other furniture items for your attic wardrobe closet.

Shoe Storage Racks

You must invest some money on buying shoe storage racks for organizing your winter and summer footwear. Winter boots usually take a lot of space so do knee length boots which you wear during snow falling season. You might need additional deep width cabinets for such type of footwear in your attic walk in closet.

These days, you can easily buy two or five tiered plastic/wooden shoe storage organizer, they come with appropriate shelving units. Once you have shoe organizing shelving racks your job would be to sort out footwear according to sizes and season. Winter boots can be stored on the upper most shelves of the shoe storage organizer in your attic walk in closet.

Free Standing Wardrobe Organizer

Free standing storage organizer usually comes with two or three sections. On the middle section is hanging space where you can hang your coats and daily wears in attic walk in closet.

The side sections may have corner style racks which can be used for putting on ties, belts and socks including accessories of daily use. You should use the wardrobe organizer according to your needs, the hanging space is usually for those outfits which you plan to wear throughout the weekends.

Free standing storage organizers could be a great addition in your attic walk in closet. You may in fact invest on a pair of such wardrobe storage units if you wish to hang a lot of clothes inside the room.

Hanging Shelves and Racks

Hanging shelves come with storage racks either on top or bottom , depending on the design you intend to buy for your attic walk in closet room.

There may be some hanging space underneath the shelving units where you can hang your daily wears. The storage racks above can be used for displaying centerpieces or for storing ties, belts, buckles, keys and makeup accessories in your attic walk in closets.


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