DIY Small Vegetable Garden Ideas. Growing Organic Food Yourself

It is fun to plant and grow fresh vegetables in the backyard, front porch or near the building/property where you reside. Though, almost all sorts of vegetables are sold on the super market these days yet there is nothing like homegrown fresh veggies. In my opinions, homegrown or organic vegetables taste way better than the […]

Best Ways to DIY Pot Decoration. Dress Up Clay and Terracotta Pots Creatively

Growing vegetables, flowers and plants in pot is an essential part of gardening. Use decorative flower pots to accentuate the beauty of outdoor gardens, landscapes and patios. If you have some time to kill, decorate, paint and adore your flower pots using DIY garden pots tutorial. Do not worry, you do not need a lot […]

DIY Guitar Stands Projects. Fun Ways to Build Stand for Guitar

1. DIY inexpensive guitar stand Stop looking for expensive DIY inexpensive guitar stands in the stores, you can make one by your own self. To make this, you need some inexpensive tools like a jigsaw and a drill. It will suit any type of acoustic guitars, banjos, etc. You can also customize a quote on […]

DIY Aquaponic System Indoor and Outdoor

1: Urban Bathtub Aquaponic System  To make Urban Bathtub Aquaponic you will have to dig a hole at your desired place. This aquaponic system consists of a fishpond, a growth bed that is made from a bathtub, a bunch of tubes connecting both tubs and a small pump. Make a grow bed and add some […]

Creative Entryway Decor Cabinets, Storage Racks Drawers

Gone are the days when a wooden bench used to be place at the entryway. This trend has been obsolete for years now because creative storage ideas are being introduced by the designers to make the entrance look uncluttered, clean and well-managed. Do not put a lot of furniture accessories on the entryway to clog […]

20+ Creative DIY Home Decoration and Inspirations

If you have some spare time in hand, use it for making creative DIY racks, hanging shelves, bathroom cabinets and several productive yet useful home accessories. Hanging Photo Frames     Cardbox Toilet Paper Storage DIY Pallet Flower Box Macrame Wall Hanger and Decorated Throws Geometrical wall Shelves Recycled Rack as Bathroom Towel Hanger Wire […]

DIY Dog Ramp Projects and Plans. How to Make a Ramp for Puppies

1: Dog Ramp From Old House To make a dog ramp from old house, you will need a plywood bottom, plywood sides, plywood cross pieces, plywood lids, jigsaw, drill and block handle. You can choose dimensions according to the size of your ramp. First, you take the measurements and then cut the parts of the […]

DIY Camper Trailers and RV Campers Designs.Build A Comfy Trip House

1: Cheap Camper trailer  To make a cheap camper trailer First, you have to draw a sketch of your design. After this make a list of things you need. Cut the plywood piece according to your need. Now begin building your camper and cut out the sides. Make outline of the sides on plywood sheets […]

DIY Wine Rack Projects and Designs. Some DIY racks to Build Yourself.

DIY Wine Rack made of pallet Small pallet, screws, glue, sandpaper, and some carpentry tools are all requirements to make this. If you have the vital things available at your place, then you can make it without any expenditure of money. This DIY Pallet Wine rack can store one bottle and two glasses at a […]

DIY Cat Tree Houses for Your Lovely Pets

  DIY Cat tree with real branches   Build an indoor décor as well as a distinct tower for your cat. Use plywood, real branches, faux greenery, stones, ropes, etc. and check the full instruction on how to make this DIY Real Tree treehouse for Cats.   DIY Cat Tree   This is a classic […]

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