DIY Ladder Decoration for Home: Creative Ladder Shelf

Do you want to know how to do DIY ladder decoration? If you have a ladder, turn it into a planter shelf, book case shelf or a decorative display for magazines. Learn how.   DIY Simple Ladder Shelf plan For this DIY ladder decor, you will need measuring tape, MDF, wood glue, sanding paper, clamps, […]

DIY Kitchen Software Designs

1: IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner IKEA is the best planner for remodeling DIY kitchen software design. It is a free software platform that does not need any downloads. T he designs in this software are saved online and can be accessed from any of the IKEA stores. IKEA specialists help you to design your kitchen. […]

DIY Macrame Hanger and Craftworks for Decor Lovers

 Simple DIY Macramé Hanger Plant To make this DIY Macrame hanger design you will need natural cotton, Macramé cord, gold metal ring, pot and scissors. First if all move your plant into a new pot. The next step is to cut the cords to make a hanger. To make a hanger the pieces of the […]

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