Balcony Planters Ideas. Decorate Balcony Railing with Colorful Blooms and Plants


For those living in a small apartment or two bedroom house, balcony gardening is the only way to grow herbs, shrubs, plants and flowers indoor. Lack of an outdoor garden is a big hurdle these days specially for those who cannot afford to rent a good house that feature basic amenities like patios and gardens.

To regular temperature within apartment or small house balconies are constructed with the bedroom or kitchen space. Your balcony could be the best for you if you have passion for gardening, you can grow culinary herbs such as thyme, parsley, oregano, and basil in small pots and planters. There are different types of planters that could be used for growing plants and flowers as well.

If you are a kind of person who loves to do gardening all the year around you could use concrete balcony planters, they come in various sizes. Concrete is a durable material, it  is suitable for growing succulent plants in rooftops, small courtyards and in small placed like balconies. Besides concrete you can invest some money on cement planters they could be a little bit heavier than concrete but very natural in their texture.

Wood balcony Planters

Some people just love cedar wood, red wood, pine and bamboo balcony planters because they add appeal and colors to outdoor. I must say that wood material can be considered for making DIY pots and planters, it is all about personal choice.

Wood planter containers are also used for making raised garden beds. They provide suitable environment for almost all types of indoor and outdoor plantations, thus they can be very good for decorating your balcony as well.

Some gardeners make DIY red wood pots for growing basil and thyme; paint the containers in beautiful colors and hang them on vertical garden wall. You can make a good garden wall in balcony with limited space. You would need reclaimed wood board or an old wood pallet, attach some hooks or holders, and place it in the balcony for hanging your wooden planters pots.

Balcony Planter Boxes

If you intend to grow vegetables and fruits in your balcony you would need large sized wooden planter boxes because you cannot grow your vegetables in small planters and pots. Vegetables need some space to grow,some also grow large in size such as chives, they would need to be prune and cut from time to time. If you would contain them in small pots, they would never be able to grow healthy and chances are your plant would die sooner than expectations because it does not have the space it needs.

Balcony Railing Decorating

You can even decorate your balcony railing with vines, colorful blooming plants and some trellis. Some balcony gardeners use lavender and other plants for making trellis shade over the seating area. This idea works very well. The trellis offer shades to the balcony besides decorating the area. You would need to prune or cut the vines when they overgrow over your balcony. They can be hung down to the balcony railing as well for creating natural privacy screens.

Balcony Plant screens are very common these days. They do not look awkward as well,  nature does it work by covering your balcony railing and exterior space when you grow big plants in it. You can even make some curtains out of beautiful vines, they would not need any pruning, they would grow themselves

Plants to Grow in Balcony Planters

You can grow natural culinary plants and herbs in your balcony planters, containers and pots such as Mint, Basil, Sage, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Coriander, Chamomile, French Terragon and Dil. Growing herbs is more beneficial in balcony planters if you enjoy cooking organic and healthy meals.

If you are wondering what are basic plants you can grow in small balcony pots and containers here are some names; boxwood, dwarf fruit tree, citrus, garlic, banana, Japanese maple, Bay Laurel, Pampas Grass and Aloe. You can even grow nice bell sized onions in your balcony planters without ado.


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