Bathroom Islands For Unique Bathroom Remodel!Creative Storage concepts

Wall mounted bathroom island for bathroom interior graffiti on bathroom accent wall round mirror

Bathroom Islands are real! You have read it correct. I was going through some  remodeling ideas and found out that interior designers are now designing wooden islands for master bathroom interior on demands of homeowners who want to have large space with luxurious vanities.

There are so many controversies revolving around the designs of modern bathroom remodels and people are believing this piece of furniture would make bathroom look swamped and crowded. This is not so true especially if you choose island of appropriate size according to the dimension of the space.

There are also some critics related to its functionality in the area as what else could it be useful for. Despite all the controversies, some people still find this new bathroom furniture very attractive, specially for large spaced bathrooms.

Bathroom Island VS Traditional Bathroom Storage Unit

It does not matter what people say and believe, it is human’s nature to not accept new inventions easily. Many would agree that bathroom island with two sinks may eliminate the needs for extra storage shelves, cabinets, and racks in the bathroom. This piece of furniture would work effectively for the space, allowing people to store towels, bath accessories and cleaning supplies in compartments which come in the design of modern bathroom island.

Here are five reasons to fall in love with new invention of Bathroom Island being integrated by the designer for the master/large spaced bathroom remodels.

  • Bathroom remodel is a unique furniture which would lit the bathroom. It comes in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors to match the interior. For people with passion for vintage furniture might love small sized rustic islands that come with single or double sink.
  • Placing a wooden island with storage cabinets would eliminate the need for additional storage drawers, racks and shelves. Everything can be stored under the island without ado.
  • Bathroom island also features modern style vanities; stainless steel sink faucets, ceramic or wooden sink, and countertop. The design is pretty much same with the kitchen island, the only difference is that a single or double bathroom sinks have been added on the top area. More or less, this new furniture would be your bathroom vanity and storage all in one.
  • Availability of different styles of islands make it suitable for contemporary, modern, rustic and shabby chic bathroom decor. There is nothing you cannot do to make modern islands suitable for your small sized bathroom since there are tiny sized available as well.

Are Bathroom Island waste of Space?

This is one of the most common question comes to mind when you see the wooden islands being designed for master bathrooms. Do not underestimate their power and value by merely seeing large sized island which are definitely not built for small spaced bathrooms. The large ones are paired with accessories whereas there are small sized versions available in wooden, reclaimed wood, ceramic, and plywood. I am sharing some small sized islands download below which can be mounted on the walls. Despite of their tiny size, some have double vanity options with two sinks and large sized storage compartments under the vanity area.

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