Best Dual Monitor Stand ! Mount two LCDS/DISPLAYS At once

#amazon basics dual monitor stand

Everyone loves a dual monitor stand for the ability of accommodating two displays or LCD displays all at one. The dream of setting up a virtual office at home during the coronavirus epidemic has never been this easy. With most of the businesses shutting down their mortar and brick stores, more people are working remotely, usually from a home office set up. Therefore, it is important to create a professional-building aura by creating a productive business environment within a room of a home. It does not have to be complicated as buying multiple display desks to accommodate every person. There are a multitude of dual monitor stands that you can opt for .

Suppose there are two people working in the same room but don’t want to share the same desk because it could be quite messy. In this case, the solution is dual monitor stands. They are available in different styles like mount and clamp, in addition to sizes, shapes, and color variants.

With a dual monitor stand, every person has access to their personal LCD or computer display without any obstruction, interference and barrier. Nobody can block the display or overcrowd the desk space as the displays are in their place.

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk

#vivo dual monitor stand

It is a mount stand for two displays for the desk, it can be mounted easily in any position and angle. VIVO is popular for designing and manufacturing the top-notch dual monitors for developing a sense of productive business environment in any space. This one pair of monitor stands offers an exception range of articulation. You can swivel the mount  of Free standing dual monitor stand at any degree up to 180-degree. The design is made up with the aluminum and steel and it can accommodate up to 22 pounds, so don’t overload it under any case. In other words, each stand can hold up to 22 pounds each, a total of 44 pounds on both monitor stands.  The clamp supports any desk of 4”. The cable management system is comfortable. Moreover, you can adjust the size of each monitor without hassle.

WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Stand

# wali dual monitor stand

This free standing Dual LCD monitor  stand with the grommet  base is far from basic, you can expect to have the best performance from it. By getting this stand you are getting the best of both worlds for creating a professional and work-like business environment in any part of the home without failing. It’s a bit more heavy duty than most of the Dual monitor risers which are available on the market. You can attach it with the desk using the grommet. It provides a real sense of grip to your monitor without putting your devices at the risk of falling. Furthermore, It can accommodate up to two LCD screens which are either 27 inch in sizes and 22 lbs in weight. It provides more usable space on the desk to keep the room uncluttered.

Wali Free standing Dual LCD monitor stand  also makes the positions of the LCDs or monitors adaptable for the better viewpoint so you never have to struggle when working on your computer or watching television.

Moreover, this Dual monitor stand comes with an adjustable arm, allowing you to work comfortably reducing the pressure on your neck, body and overall health. Moreover, it mitigates the strains on your eyes to keep your eyesight in the best health possible.  The design of the stand itself is modern, sleep and ergonomic for room, commercial buildings, schools and offices.  You get a hardware kit including everything that you need for the mount with 10 years protection.

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

#amazon basics dual monitor stand

You will absolutely fall in love with this AmazonBasics premium dual monitor stand, featuring lift engine arm mount and aluminum build.  The traditional black color gives this stand a minimalistic and modern look. More features to rave about are the retractable arms  that can be used for displaying the LCD, television and monitor side by side without hassle.

Since the arms of the dual monitor stand can retract and extend, you can adjust the vantage point of the LCD or television without any struggle. Tile, Swivel and rotate the LCD to get a better angle of TV shows or reading. The tilt ranges from 70 degrees back to 5 degrees forward. This is something you don’t usually see in normal dual monitor risers or stands.

This LCD monitor stand can be fit to the deck between 0.4 to 2.4 inches, promising to reduce eye strain and pressure on your body.  Moreover, it increases the space on the desk, allowing you to showcase your centerpieces or store books or office essentials.

Each arm of this dual monitor stand can accommodate up to a monitor of 20 pounds, nothing more nothing less. Additionally, it comes with a one year warranty.

Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand

#suptek dual monitor stand for lcd led monitors

You will love Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand simply because it has a really unique design, allowing you to exhibit your good taste in the smart accessories.
This dual monitor stand is compatible for two screens which are 22 lbs in weight each and are of 27 inches in sizes. Each LCD should have at least 75×75 holes on the backside. Moreover, this stand offers precise articulation by offering the maximum rotation of 360 degrees. You can tilt the arms up to 45 degrees and swivel the LCD up to 45 degrees on the left and right side. The height of the stand is adjustable, allowing you to have the best view of the television or display. It comes with an optimal grommet base and it is compatible with the desk that has a thickness of 4 inches or less, leaving a lot of free space to use on the desk for showing office essentials and accessories.  It comes with a great cable management system and manual for a hassle free installation followed by a user guide loaded with step by step instructions on how to install this dual monitor stand.

These are some of the most stands for dual monitors that you can make the best of.


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