Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Countertops! Natural Stone for Kitchen Remodel


Bianco Romano granite is one of the most exquisite type of stone you could ever use for your kitchen countertops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds.mantel, and bathroom backsplashes.

Just like many famous quartz and stones, Bianco Romano granite is quarried in Brazil in many different neutral patterns of gray and white color. In most of its granite slabs you would also find some burgundy garnet deposits, which definitely give this stone a distinctive color-tone.
For its neutral grey color, Bianco Romano is considered the best option for constructing cutting-edge, modern kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

Colors Found in Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Countertops
As mentioned above Bianco Romano granite kitchen countertops would usually have cream and gray color, there might be some hints of tanned cream color in the veins of the granite slabs. The burgundy deposits might be intense in some Bianco Romano slabs than the others, but in most cases, the stone carries grey color throughout its deep layers.  Some streaks of brown and black are also visible in the stone under light.

Bianco Romano Best for Kitchen Countertops

Bianco Romano granite makes for the best kitchen countertops compared to the floors in any part of the home because it is little bit susceptible to stain and marks. However, if you have your floor sealed nicely during the installation process, they might stand the test of time.
When you choose Bianco Romano Granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, the tone of the interior would require you to pair the lighter grey countertops with the white, cream and white kitchen cabinets. However, this stone may go well with cherry wood, oak and cypress cabinetry as well. All in all, your kitchen countertops would look attractive if you pair them up with the right colors of walls, kitchen accessories and appliances.

Cost of Bianco Romano Granite Countertops

A lot of people feel confuse when they are to decide for any types of granite countertops for their kitchen. Bianco Romano granite is not expensive, if you go for mid-range granite that has thickness of 2 to 3 cm, it might cost you 20 to 30 dollars per square foot which is affordable considering the quality of the stone and its nice patterns.

Backsplashes to Go with  Bianco Romano Granite Countertops

Pairing Up Backsplashes with  Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Countertops
As the color grey is more intense than white in this granite, you might want to have your kitchen backsplashes in a tone that could be paired with the stone. Grey kitchen cabinets would be the best choice, but they are little dark and you obviously do not want to create a dark kitchen interior at any cost, it would turn off the good vibes.
Stained glass backsplahes, Burgundy (the stone has a tint of it) backsplashes and white toned backsplashes would work well with all pattern of Romano Granite countertops in the kitchen. More choices would be ceramic tiles, subway backsplashes (white, cream, light gray and slate color), and in most cases  Bianco Romano itself.

Heat and Stain Resistant Bianco Romano Granite Kitchen Countertops

Just like any other quartz and granite countertops, this stone has self-healing properties of its own, it is heat and stain resistant. The dark color of Bianco Romano countertops would be of a great advantage when it comes to concealing large spots and stains on the surface. However, you still need to take good care of this stone, never use oil, it might darken the surface and destroy its beauty. Instead, use warm water with some detergent for cleaning the surface of Bianco Romano granite countertops. Baby oil, for the most part, is recommended for seasoning and sealing the granite countertops because it does not have chemical.


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