Recycled Material for Making Bird Houses for Feathered Friends


Birds are beautiful creator of God, we can take care of them by providing them food, water, nest and shelters. If you have a garden or porch, you can hang a small Bird house on any tree to provide them some nest, the more houses you can hang the better. One small design usually accommodate one pair of breeding birds.

If have some basic wood working skills, you can recycle items and make small bird shelters with ease. There are a lot of great ideas as how you can do it easily. Sometimes all you need is an old China tea cup with the saucer for making a bird feeder and then one old Tea kettle for building a completely functional DIY bird house. I am sharing some ideas which would give you an idea as what type of material you can recycle for making beautiful bird houses without spending a lot of money.

Turn a shoe into a great bird feeder, you can put some cereal and seeds inside an old shoe and hang it around the tree in your garden or porch for feeding small sparrows and birdies.

Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 1

This is a DIY bird feeder constructed by recycling an old China Tea kettle. you would need to nail it with wooden stand and mount it on your house facade or anywhere in the garden to attract birds. Add some good bird feeds to provide food to cute birds, you can also put some fresh fruits inside daily to nurture little creatures of God.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 2

Beautiful Bird houses with roof for Garden, there are some cute stairs as well. Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 3

Tree trunks are used for making stands for the bird houses in the garden. This can be done when there is no tree for hanging the house, you can also use wood logs for making the supportive stands.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 4

This is a traditional two tired bird house covered with beach pebbles. It is supported with a wooden stand. You can use items from your garden sheds for making stands or repurpose an old table. This type of bird house structure can be hung with the tree, you need something to put it on.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 5

You can drill a hole in an old metal tea cattle for making a shelter for birds. Use fish wire or thread for hanging it with the tree. Since metal is kind of heavy to hang, you can put it on a table.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 6

This is a simple wood bird house made from an old wooden board, the roof is also recycled. You can construct it with any type of wood and do some hand painting to improvise your art.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 7

A tea cattle is hanging with the tree. You can recycle a kettle or even a dispenser with the lid for making beautiful Bird houses for garden and landscape. You surely will need to drill a hole on the kettle or dispenser for making the shelter accessible to birds.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 8

Mosaic wrapped houses, you can construct simple birdhouses yourself and make beautiful wooden roofs for them. You can decorate them with paper mache, decorative peel and stick wallpapers, rocks, pebbles, and mosaic for making them attractive for birds.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 9

You can use any material you have for decorating the bird house to make it interesting and colorful. Now this one is simply made from cardboard box. If you cannot work on the wooden material use, cardboard, cut it down into a house like structure, make two or three holes and decorate it. This one has a perch as well so bird can stand on it.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 10 Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 11

Tin Can recycled for making tiny sized hanging bird houses for the garden.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 12 Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 13

Use river rocks, pebbles and natural stones for adoring the design of the house, it would be fun and creative. Use any art supplies you already have.Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 14

Tin can is recycled for making a small bird house, you may need to drill a hole. The top part is painted, but it is not necessary to do it. Recycled crafts ideas handmade birdhouses 15



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