Brainstorming Garden Decor Ideas with Tyre Planters Stone Vases

Vehicle tyres recycled painted for garden decoration

If you are looking to decorate your garden in an easy way, you can recycle some old tyre, an old bicycle, cardboard boxes and old vases and turn them into your artwork. Use your artwork for decorating your garden fences, garden patio and privacy walls.

Recycle old tyre for Garden decor:

There are plenty of things you can do with old and unused tyre, you can paint them and hook them up on the garden fences or on a wooden board or wall and decorate them with herbs, shrubs and planters.

Recycle Mason Jars:

You can use painted or colored Mason jars and use them in your garden as the planter bottles. Or they can be used on the garden wall for decorative purposes.

Recycle Wood Pallets and Racks:

If you do not use wood pallets and racks anymore, they can be used outdoor for hanging planters and shrubs. You do not need to paint the wooden racks to resuse them outdoor, just use them in their rugged and rustic tone, and mount them on the garden fence or privacy wall.

Tin Can decor:

We use Tin cans daily, our purees and paste, almonds and several other types of food come packed in cans. Instead of throwing them away, recycle them and use them for making outdoor tin can chandelier or mini planter pots.

Decorating your Garden:

Let’s check out some creative ways for decorating your garden, patio and lawn.

  1. Bicycle wheels were mounted on the walls and some planter pots were hooked up on the top for decoration. Anybody can decorate their patio walls and lawn this way.
  2. Big vases can be used for displaying colorful blooms outdoor.
  3. A mini herb garden with Led lighting can be showcased under the staircase.
  4. Cut plastic pots in half and mount them concrete/stone walls to display some plants and herbs.
  5. Do not throw steel, plastic and aluminum buckets, paint them and use them as hanging planters outdoor.
  6. Be creative and use colorful pots and containers for plants.
  7. Attach tyres with each other and make a plant tower.
  8. You can create a mini-river bed decor outdoor with logs, plants and stone borders.
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