Remodeling An Old Camper Trailer or RV ! Choosing Camper/RV Bathroom Sinks


In bygone days, truck trailer, travel trailer or RV did not feature a bathroom set and the campers had to run to the bushes when they needed to use a bathroom.

Modern RVs, Caravans, Trucks and Campers Features Bathroom

Now, the time has been changed, modern-style camper and travel trailers and RVs are being designed with at least one fully functional bedroom design, one great bathroom with the sink (usually there is a corner lavatory with corner RV bathroom sink vanities). The function of  these Travel Trailer’s and RV’s bathroom sink might be automatic, semi-automatic or manual, sometimes the travelers are needed to pump the water in the faucet themselves which require a little effort.

Camper Bathroom Remodeling, Some Tweaks

If you are consider remodeling an old travel camper or RV , you may want replace your RV bathroom sink easily with the automatic one. You can buy one that is more functional and useful compared to the manual one. There are many great options when it comes to choosing a functional and practical camper and RV bathroom sink.

The common materials used for the design of these RV sinks are stainless steel, plastic, and porcelain. The features and properties make these sinks useful. Since you would be hitting the road for possibly a very long time period you need to invest in these camper accessories as much as possible in order to make your road trip an enjoyable experience for your friends and family members.

Corner Lavatory Sink for RV and Trailer Travel Bathroom remodeling:

This style of sink is the most common for Camper and RV bathroom that is built in one corner. The corner sink is usually made for corner lavatory and it is really small in size and very light weight, the material in this sink is plastic. There is usually one sink hold drain in the center. I would say this type of sink is really great for small spaced RV bathroom because you do not want to overload the lavatory with a lot of vanities, mirrors and cabinets. The smaller sized vanity would make the room for more camper accessories to be placed inside.

Rectangular, oval or Square Corner RV Sink:

I personally love the style, material and design of the corner sinks, they come in a variety of shapes, all of them are attractive and appealing to the eyes when added in RV or camper bathroom interior. There are colors though, I must say White RV bathroom sink would stand out because white vanities never fail the interior design of a camper or trailer. Oval or Square porcelain sinks are more functional for RV because they have two hoses for cold and hot water. They feature stainless steel or brass RV sink, which is really tiny in size yet is very beautiful. Since travel and RV bathrooms are very small in sizes, the corner style sinks do suit the interior as they do not take much of the space.

Single or Down Bowl RV bathroom Sink:

Single or double flush mount RV sinks are most popular in modern style camper decorating ideas because they have very compact and solid look. They are either made of porcelain or stainless steel, featuring one drainage hole in the center of both sinks and one great stainless steel or brass faucet.
Modern design of these tiny sinks adapts with any style of RV bathroom interior and design. Stainless steel bathroom accessories also look great to use for camper bathroom remodeling,for storage the steel can be fitted on the top of stained or reclaimed wooden storage cabinets which you can use for storing bathroom towels, rags, and all  camper accessories of daily use.

Acrylic RV bathroom Sinks for campers bathroom remodeling:

The acrylic sinks are the most light weight ones, they may require fiberglass insulation in order to offer improved temperature stability. Due to their compact style, they are highly recommended for RV and camper bathroom remodel. These RV sinks might come with one biscuit bowl or two, different colors are available for camper bathroom decoration.

Besides choosing a good RV and camper bathroom sinks, you can also opt for some camper accessories, for example, one high quality bathroom wall cabinet would be a good addition to the space for storing medications, bathroom accessories and routine items such as shampoos, face wash, and gels or anything that you would use during your travel.

Travel trailer bathroom remodeling is fun when you write down your own ideas, in most cases small sized sinks and bathroom vanities would be suitable for the interior because there is no much space and you need to figure out how to put more items in the RV without overloading it or you may end up with weight issues.


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