Camping Trailer Decoration Ideas! Make Your Journey Comfortable

Rv motorhome travel trailer living room with marble flooring camper decoration

RV and Camping trailers are more or less like a sophisticated tiny-home that you take with you when you hit the road for camping, traveling and surfing the world, either alone or with your family.

Old Style VS Modern Caravan/travel trailers
A good camping trailer can make your road trip a breeze, in most cases it is really comfortable. You get a nice and real bed to sleep in, you use electricity and feel like home when you rent or buy a nice camping trailer. There was a time when trailer were not very comfortable as they were not built with a bathroom. Now, you can get your hands on a trailer with bathroom because there are several companies working on improving the plan of travel trailers.
You should consider buying a deluxe travel trailer if you want to have all the facilities in your camping RV or trailer. Go for the sport trailer or a big caravan that has bunk bed and at least one big bathroom. If you intend to travel with your family, you should definitely consider getting one that has a nook, eating table, bunk bed, a small cooking section and a sink with small bathroom.
If you already a nice well-built travel trailer, you might want to redecorate it before you hit the road. Here are some easy camper decor ideas for you that you would love. Decorating your camper and RV is just as important as taking the road trip so you could feel comfortable once you are on the road.
No matter how much you pay for a camper, it will come with pretty boring interior. You can personalize your RV and travel trailer yourself and make it comfy for your road trip.
However, keep in mind that your RV and travel trailer decor must not be done with heavy items or it would make it overweight and heavily loaded which may cause obstruction in your road journey. You can add some items in your camper or travel trailer, they have to be light weight.

Paint Camper Walls

Painting your travel trailer is just a fair approach. You may not want to take a camper that has stained and filthy walls, who knows how many people used it before you. Just for adding aesthetic to the interior you may have your camper painted. A great central accent wall can make your camper look elegant.

Add Accessories to your Travel trailer

Your camper and RV may not come with the accessories you would need. Buy some throw pillows, baby sized cushions for camper bedroom, and some mats for the camper kitchen floor. Pick the pillows which have light weight polyester feeling. Some cushions with colorful covers would help add colors to your boring travel trailer.
There are many comfortable, light weight accessories that you must include in travel trailer decor such as small camper trash bin, disposable accessories, battery chargers, LED or solar lights and some other camping essentials that you might need on the road.

RV Trailer Living Room Remodel

You can buy multifunctional sofa which can be turned into bed when is needed if your RV trailer is small. Make it beautiful, better sectional RV sofa would make for a great journey. Pick sectional nicely, they should not be too big or too small for the trailer.

Travel Trailer Window Curtains

No matter how hard you try, camper’s windows would let the sunlight pass through the glass. You need to invest some money on buy camper’s window curtains. Go for black out curtains. If you like vintage camper, go for polka dot, stripe and buffalo print window curtains. They should be made with breathable fabric. Never buy white curtains as they would not keep the sunlight from coming inside the travel trailer.

Travel Trailer Wall Decals

Wall decals, posters and motivational quotes can be added to the walls for expressing individual style. Be moderate when you indulge in camper decor, overdoing might mess up the interior,
Peel and Stick Kitchen Backsplashes
You can divide your RV and travel trailer sections by using peel and stick stickers on floors, backsplashes and ceiling. Kitchen wall can be decorated with rustic, tile or reclaimed wood peel and stick stickers. Camper bedroom can have an accent wall, use vintage floral wallpapers and posters. Buying and applying stickers in RV and travel trailer decor is very practicable and inexpensive.

Wall Clock in Travel Trailer:

It does not matter how many good watches you have, you still need to mount at least one good clock on the wall of your camper. Hang a light weight basic/classic clock on any wall, it could be camper bedroom wall or your kitchen wall.

Light weight Camper Furniture:

Now there are portable kitchen island, small sized RV/travel trailer sinks, and other camping accessories that you might add in the interior of your camper. For example, kitchen baker’s rack would be a great addition to your camper. This rack may have three or four tiered shelving racks, oven and accessories can be placed on the top rack. The rest of three racks below the unit can be utlisied for placing accessories related to kitchen workstation.
Portable kitchen island with drawers, spice rack and towel rack can be placed right in the kitchen area. Portable island is designed specifically for RV, travel trailers, and campers.
Drop leaf kitchen carts are often very small in size, they are the most functional Travel trailer furniture because of their light weight. If you do not want any furniture to take space in RV, go for folding kitchen carts, folding tables, and folding chairs. Just unfold them when you need them and fold them to put them back in a safe corner of camper.

Electric or flameless Candles

Your RV or Travel trailer might have wooden ceiling or floor, you must not take anything with you that is inflammable. You can, however, invest in flameless candles, they would be a good source of lighting in your camper during night time.

Trailer Travel Mat

Good quality mat would make your RV and travel camper comfortable and cozy from the inside. Choose a boho style, Moroccan or any colorful pattern that you believe would go with the trailer travel interior.
Portable Storage Cabinets on Camper
Since your travel trailer is going to be your home on the road you must have storage cabinets for storing your daily life essentials. By cabinets i don’t mean heavy weight wooden cabinets, instead I mean fabric cabinets and fabric clothing/items storage organizer and bags. The excellent choice would be investing on the storage cubes, they are really high weight and deep. Your all kitchen grocery can be saved inside these small bags.
You may also need a few closet organizer bags with zippers for keeping your clothes and shoes. Foldable storage bins and cubes would be highly functional for storing everything and keeping them in the right order in the camper.

Wireless Portable Lighting

A portable Led or solar lamp can be placed on the side of the bedroom in the travel trailer. Just try to buy the solar lighting, because they are chargeable in the sunlight. It does not mean you should not buy any wireless lights for your camper interior. Go for the lighting that would not take too much power. You might also need a back up electricity generator for your travel trailer

Here are some RV motorhome decor ideas for everyone who is figuring out how to use the space of the caravan or camper van. You can place everything such as living room sofa, kitchen island with cooking utensils and a great sleeping bed.

Check out this DIY budget Camper van idea, I love how space is utilized for placing RV furniture and accessories.


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