Cat House to provide shelter to Beautiful Cats and Kittens


You may have a cat for whom you wish to build a cat house for. Or you may be living around in area where cats live without any house outdoor, shivering in the cold winter months. As a human you can provide shelter to those cats and innocent kittens who don’t have any house to live to get warmth during winter. Today we will be talking about some of the best cat shelters that you can grab online for your beloved pet or for stray kitties.

K&H Cat House

This cat house is available in olive color, it is a perfect warm shelter for those cats living in your home, community nearby or outdoors in the parks. The house is also suitable for feral cats.

This outdoor house for cats is available in both heated and unheated models to the needs and requirements. You can keep cats of any size, and shape in this cat house box. Moreover, it is weather resistance, comfortable and easy to set up. There are two exists featuring removable door flaps to protect the innocent kitty protected from the cold wind, breeze and weather elements.

For being made of high quality material, this cat house is an excellent shelter for all the cats who prefer to sleep outdoor in the garage, open bars, yards, parks and any part area of the home.

Cat house 1

Tent Cat House by Pet Maker

You might have heard of soft tend beds for cats, they are made of soft materials so your pets such as dogs, hamster and cats can sleep in a cozy environment. This cat house has just one door opening for the cat to gen in and out of the tent bed.

The average size of the cat house usually is 13 x 13 x 16.5 inches, making it easy to live for all types of domestic and community cats.  The polyester and plush fabric keeps the shelter warm during the harsh winter months. The house for cat is available in different colors such as blue, tan, gray and pink.

There are so many features of this cat house that makes it adorable and comfortable such as:

  1. Your cats will love it because it helps them relax indoors for having a kitty igloo like build made with polyester. The soft plush is really soft to provide extraordinary coziness to the canine and feline pets, helping them to into deep slumber without interruption.
  2. The cat house has enclosed hood, ensuring the warmth, privacy and protection of the cat. Therefore, your kitty would never feel insecure living in this space and sleeping during day or night.
  3. The kitty tent bed is the best place to keep your fur baby close by, in a protected atmosphere of home. The velvety soft material of the cat house will provide enough insulation to keep the bodies of fur babies warm when they wish to cuddle and sleep.
  4. This cat shelter is not just the best bed place for the kitties to play but is also a nice staying place for them.They will enjoy sitting inside it or playing in it when not wanting to sleep.
  5. The kitty tent can accommodate one big cat or two small newborn kitties, you can add cushions to the bed so they can curl up and fall in sleep quickly. You can always remove the cushions and wash them. All in all, these cushions serve the old kitty as a featured orthopedic luxury when they need some support.
  6. This kitty igloo plush house can accommodate a pet up to 16 lbs.

Cat house 2


Plush Cat Tent and House

A cat house is a comfortable place when its material, design, build and structure has the best comfort to offer.  This plush pet tent is suitable for both canine and feline pets of any shape and sizes.

The cat tent comes in different sizes such as you can get your hands on 16″ by 16″, 18″ by 18″ and 19″ by 19″, however the height of all the tents is the same and it’s 14″.

This cat house is available in different colors such as brown linen, corduroy beige, gray lettuce, gray linen, dark brown, plaid linen, and tan.

It has a lining of poly foam that molds with the desired sleeping positions of the cats, kitties and dogs. Just like human beings they wish to sleep in the most comforting positions. Therefore, this cat house is built with passion and love, keeping into consideration their choice and comfort.

One of the best features that you would love about this cat tent bed is that it comes with the cuddle inducing pillows that your pet would love to hug and snuggle with when wanting to sleep.

The color, design and built of the cat house is great enough with a faux suede to blend well with the interior colors of your bedroom, living room and home overall. Moreover, the design is sure to last  for years.

Cat house 3


Outdoor Feral Cat House

All the pet lovers absolutely love this outdoor feral cat house because it is unique, beautiful and more importantly a nice shelter for kitties and fur babies.

As for the design of this house, New Age pet has used only ecoFlex in the build. Therefore, the cat house is going to stay in a good condition and shape for years to come. It will never fade in colors, splinter, crack, break, and rot. Moreover, ecoFlex increases the durability of the house itself, preventing naturally from becoming succumbed to bugs and wood eating parasites.

Setting up this feral cat house outdoor is just easy, you won’t need tools to assemble the parts. Just put it anywhere outside the home. The design is made to resist harsh weather elements, it is weather and rain proof, moreover the roof would not be affected by water and bugs.

Your cats will love this cat house because it has almost two entry points. The same entry points are exists for them and they would just living in this cozy shelter during cold months of winter.

Outdoor feral cat house 4



Trixie Pet Wooden Cat House

You will fall in love with this absolutely gorgeous cat house because it has a very home-like feel to it with a balcony on the outside. You can kind of say that it’s a condo for fur babies, featuring a balcony with lattice work. The raised floor that it has is removable and it helps circulates air in and out of the cat shelter when you place it outdoor. You can cover it in the winter months. It is 17.5 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep and 25.5 inches in height. You can use this nice house for sheltering dogs as well, however, since it is small you can only house only small sized dogs. It requires assembly and it might take 15 minutes to set this cat house.

Outdoor feral cat house 4

Collapsible cube shaped Cat House Design

AmazonBasics offers this exciting kitty house for fun that has a nice bed on the top for the cats to lounge, sit and watch around when not sleeping. The design of this shelter is pretty much impressive because it has raised-border with the soft-suede design, making it the most coziest cat house for winter months. Moreover, there are den-line hiding space for the fur babies to hide, slumber and nap.  The cut of the house will make this structure an ultimate hiding, sleeping and play-time space for the kitties.

The best feature that I should mention about this cat house is that you can convert it easily into a storage box when not using it as a cat bed or shelter. Just clean it and use it as a storage box. It comes in different colors to match the interior of the living room, bedroom or lounge wherever your cat spends most time, for instance, you can get blue, brown and gray in this cat house.

The dimension of the cat house are pretty much compatible with the size of different cats, 15 by 15 by 17 (length, width and height respectively), and it comes with one year warranty.

This kitty bed house weights only 7.2 pounds, meaning it’s ultra light, beautiful and more importantly portable.

Cat house 6





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