DIY High Raised Garden Plans. Learn how to do Gardening Better

1. DIY cedar wood garden bed plan Make a 6ft wide, 2ft deep, and 3ft tall garden bed in just a few little steps by using rot-free cedarwood. All you have to get are some screws and specific cedar beds. Just screw the wood walls and the base of the garden bed and put some […]

DIY Greenhouse Plan and Projects to Try. Recycle Material and Use Salvaged Windows

1. DIY Greenhouse with fibreglass panel Do you want to save your plants from environmental changes? But how would you do that? Probably with a greenhouse, but those in the stores are very expensive. You can make your construct a fiberglass Greenhouse by using tools like Paintbrush, Sealant or paint, Stepladder, Clear silicone caulk, etc. […]

DIY Arbor Projects and Plans. Created Shaded Passageways, Patios, Porches and Gardens

1: DIY Simple Arbors Project To build this simple arbor design you will need 2×4 and 1× 2 lumbar, Disc( 2-2×4 top, 4-2×4 sides, 7-1×2 top and12- 1×2 sides),carriage bolts, nuts washers, finishing nails. Cut the 7’ 2×4 for the top of the arbor. The 4’×2” piece that is cut out will be used on […]

DIY Succulent Terrariums. How to Make Miniature indoor Garden and Green Landscapes

If gardening has been your greatest passion of all time and you wish to connect with nature and its beauty, indoor landscapes can be created in form of succulent terrariums. These mininature plant landscapes can freshen up the interior of space with their tiny-sized plants and beautiful decorations. Gone are the days when you have […]

Balcony Planters Ideas. Decorate Balcony Railing with Colorful Blooms and Plants

For those living in a small apartment or two bedroom house, balcony gardening is the only way to grow herbs, shrubs, plants and flowers indoor. Lack of an outdoor garden is a big hurdle these days specially for those who cannot afford to rent a good house that feature basic amenities like patios and gardens. […]

Garden Shed Designs. Different types of Useful Sheds for Outdoor Elegance

Garden sheds should not be confused with barns structure. Shed designs are planned with one sided sloppy roof whereas barn sheds are designed with A-framed roof structure. These both can be used for storing sports good, garage equipment, tools and accessories and general household items such as old furniture which cannot be placed in the […]

25+ Easy To Grow Indoor Plants! Low Maintenance Houseplants Ideas

If gardening has been your passion for years, you can do it as a hobby in your garden, backyard, balcony, and patio. They say is that we all human belongs to nature; growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in garden would allow us to stay connected with it. We belong with nature and we must try […]

Unique Garden and Patio Fence Decoration Ideas for Improvising Outdoor Aesthetics

Decorating your garden fence is so important because when anybody visits your home they enter through your garden, patio or lawn. It does not take million of dollars to decorating your garden fencing panels, sometimes all it takes is just some string lighting, solar panel lighting or grass lighting to make your garden stand out […]

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