DIY Ladder Decoration for Home: Creative Ladder Shelf

Do you want to know how to do DIY ladder decoration? If you have a ladder, turn it into a planter shelf, book case shelf or a decorative display for magazines. Learn how.   DIY Simple Ladder Shelf plan For this DIY ladder decor, you will need measuring tape, MDF, wood glue, sanding paper, clamps, […]

DIY Kitchen Software Designs

1: IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner IKEA is the best planner for remodeling DIY kitchen software design. It is a free software platform that does not need any downloads. T he designs in this software are saved online and can be accessed from any of the IKEA stores. IKEA specialists help you to design your kitchen. […]

DIY Wine Rack Projects and Designs. Some DIY racks to Build Yourself.

DIY Wine Rack made of pallet Small pallet, screws, glue, sandpaper, and some carpentry tools are all requirements to make this. If you have the vital things available at your place, then you can make it without any expenditure of money. This DIY Pallet Wine rack can store one bottle and two glasses at a […]

DIY Crafts for Room Decoration. DIY Artworks You can Try

 DIY Flower lights for Room decor To make this DIY flower light project for your dorm, you will need cupcake paper, string lights, scissors. Make the leaves at first. You can make them by folding small cupcake paper in half and cutting a leaf shape. Now make it petal flowers with the cupcake paper. Make […]

DIY Murphy Bed Plans and Projects. Make Cute Bedding Set

Today, I am going to share to some tutorials on DIY murphy beds and teach you how to make Murphy bed set easily. You can build single or double bed easily if you follow these instructions. How to Build a Murphy Bed For this DIY Wood Murphy Bed project, you will need: Ten frame struts […]

DIY Bed Designs and Projects. Make a Bedding Set Yourself at Home

1. DIY Platform Bed with Storage Has ever a desire of cost-effective bed with some storage popped up in our mind? You must check DIY platform bed with storage that how you can make a budget bed out of Plywood, with a lot of storage space in it. It’s a queen-size bed, and the size […]

Functional Scandinavian Bathroom Designs. Clean and Minimalist Vanities and Cabinets

Scandinavian bathroom interior could help you amplify your bath space with minimalist and functional vanities, storage cabinets and bathroom accessories that you would need and want. If you have some basic knowledge about interior design genres you might be familiar with Scandinavian decoration which emerged in 1920s in countries like Norway, Finland Denmark, Iceland and […]

Attic Walk in Closet. Storage Units, Shelves and Racks to Include for Wardrobe Storage

You can convert your attic in a  walk in closet when there is no enough space in your bedroom or basement for storing all the accessories, shoes, apparels, and clothes you have. Not to mention, we all have a big baggage of winter apparels, cardigans, and vests that cannot be stored away easily. Leather jackets […]

Home Office Wall Decor. Wall Accent, Decals and Wall Mounted Storage Solutions

Do not overcrowd your office with furniture and computer accessories. By changing office wall paint color you can give it a really nice makeover. There are different types of interesting office wall accents ideas that you could use to turn at least one wall into something beautiful. Decorative Gallery Walls One wall behind office desk […]

Mid-Century Modern Free Standing Fireplace. Malm Gas and Woodburning Fireplace Designs

Not all homes are built with Victorian style fireplace with a nice mantel and beautiful fireplace surround. If you live in a country where winter is cruel and bone-chilling you must have at least one indoor fireplace, either in living room or bedroom. Most people have one in living room since this is where they […]

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