DIY Small Vegetable Garden Ideas. Growing Organic Food Yourself

It is fun to plant and grow fresh vegetables in the backyard, front porch or near the building/property where you reside. Though, almost all sorts of vegetables are sold on the super market these days yet there is nothing like homegrown fresh veggies. In my opinions, homegrown or organic vegetables taste way better than the […]

Best Ways to DIY Pot Decoration. Dress Up Clay and Terracotta Pots Creatively

Growing vegetables, flowers and plants in pot is an essential part of gardening. Use decorative flower pots to accentuate the beauty of outdoor gardens, landscapes and patios. If you have some time to kill, decorate, paint and adore your flower pots using DIY garden pots tutorial. Do not worry, you do not need a lot […]

DIY Camper Trailers and RV Campers Designs.Build A Comfy Trip House

1: Cheap Camper trailer  To make a cheap camper trailer First, you have to draw a sketch of your design. After this make a list of things you need. Cut the plywood piece according to your need. Now begin building your camper and cut out the sides. Make outline of the sides on plywood sheets […]

DIY Arbor Projects and Plans. Create Shaded Arbor

Do you want to make DIY arbors? Check this DIY arbor plans and learn how to do the project. DIY Simple Arbors Project To build this simple arbor design you will need 2×4 and 1× 2 lumbar, Disc( 2-2×4 top, 4-2×4 sides, 7-1×2 top and12- 1×2 sides),carriage bolts, nuts washers, finishing nails. Cut the 7’ […]

DIY Bamboo Projects to Try. Make Garden Accessories

You can make a lot of things by using bamboo wood; it is a very lightweight wood with self-healing properties. It is far way better than any solid wood and hard wood because it is decay, mold and rot resistant. It also acts like a bug repellent. You can comfortably use bamboo for making planters, […]

DIY Koi Fish Pond for Garden, Porch and Backyards. Add Pond and Waterfall Features

  It is important to add a water feature in garden, backyard, front yard and patio landscapes because it allows you to make a connection with the nature. I am sharing DIY pond plans which would be helpful for you in building a small pond in the exterior part of the property. 1. Make your […]

Screen Room Enclosures. Pros and Cons of Enclosed Out Patios, Sun Room and Solarium

Screen rooms are also known as extended patio rooms and enclosed patio because the space is constructed through protective glass panels which usually feature wood and aluminum frames. These panels are added for privacy and protections, besides they add a warm touch to house exterior. Screen rooms are also known as extended patio rooms and […]

Decorative Screen Doors for Exterior Curb Appeal.. Wooden, Aluminum and Vinyl Entry Door Comparison

Decorative screen doors could add beautiful elegance in exterior part of property by amplifying the curb appeal. These doors are made of different materials such as glass, wood, PVC, Metal, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. The most common ones are wooden doors, they are more durable when structured with galvanized steel frames which often resist rust, […]

Types of Decking Wood. Best Rot and Bug Resistance Lumbers

Wooden decks are used for extending outdoor living spaces as well as for garden landscaping. Wood lumbers are laid instead of stone, concrete, brick and mosaic pavers. Outdoor inground or above ground swimming pools are constructed around solid-wood deck boards for adding elegant beauty in patios, lawns and gardens. For making outdoor living space functional, […]

Deck Paint Colors. Painting VS Staining Decking Wood for Outdoor Landscaping

Wooden deck may a beautiful addition to outdoor garden , porch and patio landscapes. Everyone loves to  spend some time outside; reading their favorite book outside, swinging in a nice hammock chair over their comfy wooden deck board. It feels great to see beautiful wood planks laid out evenly under your feet. You can decorate […]

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