Festive Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets! Inviting Welcoming Kitchen Makeover

Shabby chic kitchen makeover polka dot backsplashes chalk painted kitchen cabinets powder blue wall mounted storage unit

Chalkpaint is very famous these days, it is used for distressing and painting furniture. It is also used as the top coat when old furniture is refurbished and refinished, most commonly for DIY projects. Chalk painted kitchen cabinets make for quite modern, retro and vintage style kitchen interior. However, selecting the right color would be necessarily. There are a lot of points you should consider when you choose chalk paint for the interior. Let’s discuss some points in order to proof that all the controversies related to it are just illogical.

Chalk Paint Composition

Chalk paint is better than conventional style latex paint that is used for painting cabinets, island table top, chairs, furniture pieces and sometimes even storage racks. The conventional paint bears more of the glossy makeover and a sealant is needed prior to using the paint. The composition of chalk is very simple, some of the elements found in it are Titanium dioxide, silica, esters, latex, water and calcium carbonate. Chalk style paint comes in different color and its main composition is water and latex, it evokes more of matte finish so it is suitable for painting dry surface such as wood, walls, and furniture. People who love handmade artwork use it for making matte finished DIY paintings.

Chalk Paint VS Latex Paint

There exists an old controversy about chalk paint being cheap and less durable than conventional latex and oil paint. Here is my personal comparison between these two types for those who believe that chalk does not stay longer than latex.

1: The composition of both painting materials is almost the same, the way they are applied with different strategies on wood furniture and walls.
2: You do not need to go through time consuming prep time since Chalk paint adheres to dry surfaces and walls very wall compared to oily and latex surface. Whereas one has to do a lot of preparing when they are to paint with conventional style paint.
3: No primer and sanding needed prior to chalk painting kitchen cabinets, closets and concrete/wooden floors where there would preparation time involved prior to doing the conventional painting. You may have to use a primer before it and then one good quality sealant.
4: Chalk painted furniture, wall and surfaces may last in good shape for years depending on how they are maintained. However you do not have to face this predicament when you use simple latex and oil paints.
5: You cannot distress the normal style paint but you can create shabby chic and distressed furniture by painting it with chalk. You can use brushes, sponge and cloth rag for creating distressed furniture finish. Therefore, it is mostly used in art and craft where people want to create something edgy than usual for improvising their interior.

Retro and Shabby Chic Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets

There is a lot we can talk about chalk painting, there is no denying that is is really useful for transforming kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. There are variety of colors available in this paint that can be used productively for a very unusual, edgy and classic kitchen makeover.

We all know that retro kitchen designs thrive on use of vibrant colors, colorful accessories and pastel paint colors. Pink kitchen used to be so much famous in old times because it was exciting for women to use the color they love the most in the place where they spend the most of time. Polka dot curtains and patterns would be integrated in the kitchen interior for adding a great vintage and retro vibe. The more you redefine your kitchen with colors,fabrics, stencils and patterns the better it would turn out to be.

Retro interior cannot be completed without pastel chalked painted kitchen cabinets because these colors are essentials for making a vintage vibe in the space. You do not need to spend a lot of money on painting though, you can paint your island, kitchen table and chairs, and cabinetry yourself with a high quality chalk paint.

Boring Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

I do not mean to offend anyone though, I feel like simple wooden kitchen cabinets look a little bit boring because we see every second kitchen renovation with the same style cherry wood, walnut and maple wood cabinetry that is often painted in white or dark shades to match the backsplashes as well as countertops. May be it is the time to think little out of the box and try out some pastel colors by chalk painting kitchen cabinets, doing alone would create a big different in kitchen interior

Old style kitchen interior may look boring, if you do not have enough money to change breakfast nook, chairs and furniture, you can simply refinish everything. Chalkpainted kitchen cabinets would create a new kitchen makeover, for amplifying the beauty of the interior you can furthermore paint the wall shelves where you store dinnerware and accessories.


Pastel Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you do not want the old style wooden colors on your cabinetry and kitchen furniture, you should follow new interior trends. You can chalk paint kitchen cabinets in the following order:

  1. Since no primer and sanding is needed, you can create a nice kitchen makeover by doing chalk painting on cabinets and kitchen yourself. However, you will still need to use some wax for sealing the chalk or else it will become more susceptible  to stains, spills and tannin. Use Pastel colors such as Pink, white, powder blue, green and light lime colors. Pastel chalk painted kitchen cabinets would definitely make a big statement.
  2. If you do not want all the kitchen cabinets to be of the same color, you can fall for an exciting chalk painting experiment by using different colors on all each cabinet, storage drawer and rack. It would create a nice colorful kitchen interior.
  3. Be creative when you chalk painted cabinets for interior. Do not go for over bold colors as they might mess the space and its natural vibe. Just be moderate and try not to overdo it.

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