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What to do when closet space is scarce and you have tons of clothing items that cannot be stored in your bedroom closet?  Whether you live in a small apartment or large sized condo, it is very important to keep your wardrobe well-organized to keep home free of clutter and unnecessary fuss.

Some people are not too rich to afford even two bedroom apartment with a small closet let alone a walk-in-wardrobe closet which is a dream of many these days. There are some students as well who live in trailer, camper or dorm room, they are allocated very limited space in which they have to store their school supplies, books, clothes and all accessories of daily routine.

For those who do not have big clothing closets, they can possibly make the best of DIY closet organizers and save an awful amount of money on buying cabinets, drawers and storage units. Let’s start with some of the ideas that I am excited to share with you all.


Repurpose Shelf Bracket and Curtain Rod

Brackets can be repurposed easily; you can mount one wooden bracket in a corner and hang your coat, ties, and clothes there. Mounting brackets does not take time, however choosing an appropriate spot is. Do not mount it in any room where you see and receive guests because it would look little tacky to display clothes where people can see them. Allocate your secret corner, install wooden, metal or aluminum brackets, and install pipe/curtain rods for making a great storage closet organizer with hanging spaces for clothes.

Decorate your closet rods with iron shelf brackets

DIY Repurposed Brackets for Closet Organizer

Wooden Shelves with Hooks

This is so practicable, you can install racks with hooks and use reclaimed wood, turn it into a hook stand and mount in in a corner.

Source: DIY Corner closet organizer

Shelf with Hooks for Clothes

Recycle Wooden Door Closet System

This one project is my favorite. A wooden door is recycled and mounted on the wall in a corner, it is braced with wood strips. This DIY free standing closet organizer has been further improvised by using hooks and installing racks.

Mount a freestanding door to the walls in a corner

Steel pipe Organizer

You need to install some steel pipes in the corner and hang clothes on them, you will have one good closet organizer that would never look tacky.

Corner Closet made with Single Steel Pipe

Rustic Wood Pallet Organizer with Drawers

Build a Closet with pallets

DIY dressing room closet

Corner Clothing Rack under wooden shelf

Hanging Pipe Under a Shelf

Wardrobe closet organizer with Shoe Racks


Corner Steampunk Pipe storage rack

Larger Scale of Pipe Clothing Rack

Ladder Shelf Wardrobe Storage

Turn One or More Ladders into a Closet

Hidden Storage organizer behind curtains

corner closet with Curtain

Multifunctional Ikea Convertible Chair Storage

use stored ikea chairs as temporary closet

Repurpose Book shelf Closet

Re-imagine An Old Bookcase Into a Baby Nursery Closet


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