Comfy Body Pillows to Support Body, Neck, Muscles and Spine

Maternity pillow body pillow

A body pillow offers the best of the both worlds to those who toss and turn throughout the night. Whether you are a pregnant woman, a clumsy night sleeper, or a patient suffering from any sort of body ache, you can greatly benefit from a body pillow.

Depending on the shape of the pillow, it can provide great comfort to your back, side, and abdomen area. The pillows are really different from nursing pillows, if you are pregnant, tuck the body pillow beneath your abdomen area when sleeping. It will support your body by holding on the weight of the eight pound baby, ensuring a comfy and cozy sleep for you through the night.

Although there are way too many body pillows out there, promising to provide the best comfort level to the ones looking for it, but the ones with the best customer reviews are as follows:


Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

This U-shaped full body maternity pillow is an almost blessing for pregnant women as well as mothers. It gives you the feeling of hugging your teddy bear in sleep, offering the best of comfort whenever you need it. You can support your back and side very well through this pillow as it has received more than 1k positive reviews from the customers who have used it to adore it for the rest of their lives.

Maternity pillow body pillow

The pillow is not merely for pregnant women, but is also for those who wish to support their body muscles, ache and spine. It also supports legs, belly, hips and the entire body for being made of really good materials. If you have been suffering from backache or ab pain for a long time, this body pillow will surely help in mitigating the pain through its nice fabric, design and functionality.

Different Sizes:

This maternity body pillow comes in different sizes, you can have a pillow in the measurement of 55”, 60”, and  65”. It is 7” high, so you can support your side with it. For this reason, it is especially really suitable for pregnant women.

Ergonomic design:

The design of this body pillow is somewhat beautiful, friendly and ergonomic.  Mommies-to-be can stretch it out in any way to make themselves feel comfortable in their bed when they are pregnant. It is highly adjustable, so pregnant women find the ease of using it under their ab or on the side of the ab to support and protect the baby inside.

Goodbye Pain:

Some people have a difficult time coping with the pain after surgery, operating or accident. If so, this body pillow will prove itself to be supporting by helping in reducing the pain level.  If it’s your back ache that does not sleep soundly, it will reduce with the pillow. If you often feel pain in the groin area, you will notice it is gone by the evening. This body pillow is magical indeed for those suffering from pain and physical discomfort followed by a mishap/accident.


3rd Semester pain relief:

All mothers-to-be who have used this body or maternity pillow so far rave about it because they claim it has drastically reduced the pain associated with the third trimester. Moreover it can also mitigate any physical pain that comes with fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, it is an ideal pillow for stomach sleepers who turn, twist and toss a lot of their bed.

Adjustable position:

With this pregnancy pillow, you can simply adjust to different sleeping positions without having to worry about anything. The body pillows are multi-functional, capable of adjusting with any sleeping position that you choose. Adjust it to the side when watching television or sleeping on the side, adjust it around your both sides tucking the pillow sides underneath your shoulder when sleeping on your back. It helps total body support that you surely need during your sleep, ensuring a good nap time or night sleep in times when you need it the most.

Machine washable:

Since the cover is made with 100% velvet, you can wash it and rewash it whenever you want. The polyester filling makes the body pillow design a comfortable accessory for those who need support.  Moreover, the manufacturer is offering a full time guarantee for being so satisfied and happy with the design of the pillow.


WhatsBedding Full Body Pillow Insert

Whatbedding full body pillow insert is a suitable body pillow for side sleepers, pregnant women, and people with body aches. If you are tired of feeling alone in the room, you can create a feeling of hugging someone by sleeping next to this body pillow. Just hold it tight close and hug it like it’s your other half, hehe.  You’ll never feel alone in your life ever.  It’s better to sleep with a side pillow than a cheating spouse or soul mate.

Full body pillow side pillow


Large side pillow:

It measures around 20×54, promising to provide you maximum side comfort in your sleep. Moreover, it adapts really well with the shape, size and contour of your body. If you are pregnant, tuck this pillow on the side underneath the baby bump to hold the support of the baby. The pillow comes without a cover but you can order the pillow cover if you wish from the manufacturer

Design and fabric:

As for the design, this body pillow is soft, smooth and comfy for being made up with modified microfiber. The material ensures the viscoelasticity of the pillow, making it adjustable according to various sleeping positions. In addition, this body pillow is machine washable. Just put it in the machine to give it an instant wash without messing up the contour.

The fabric is breathable and washable; Therefore, this side pillow is the most favorite ones to those who love cleaning their bedding linens and accessories most often. Besides being helpful in providing a comfortable sleep experience this body pillow is also budget-friendly. You can buy two easily for the price of one to have two double sided sleeper pillows.


Benefits of Body Pillows

There are several health benefits of choosing the right body pillows.Here are some of the best ones that are worth-sharing with you.

  1. Body pillows are highly customized, you can adjust and fit them according to your body shape and size.
  2. Add or take a part of the pillow when sleeping to make yourself comfortable.  If you sleep with a pillow between your knees you might need that can also support your ab area or upper body.
  3. Most body pillows plump back to their real size and shape when you flatten their shape during the use. Thanks to advanced fiber and material used in these pillows that never let them go out of shape. If you use it daily and press it hard, the fabric eventually plumps up back when the pillow is not in use.
  4. You can support your hip, back, joints, shoulders, and the entire body by using a soft and firm body pillow. It also helps in reducing the pain and relieving the pressure by offering the support that your body needs during the sleep of six to eight hours.
  5. A body pillow helps maintain your body posture for a perfect sleep alignment, reducing any unnecessary pressure on your muscles or joints.
  6. It helps insomnia, sleep deprivation and other sleep related problems, allowing for a restful sleep that you need to feel revived.
  7. The maternity pillows play an important role in supporting the body and baby of pregnant women during each pregnancy trimester. The pillow can be used as the nursing pillow as well after the baby is born.



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