Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas. Element of Modern Rustic Farmhouse In Interior for Beautiful Vibes

Farmhouse kitchen interior design ideas white cabinets wood flooring rustic farmhouse aesthetics

Farmhouse kitchen decorations are easy to pulled off with well-painted rustic cabinets, apron sink, open style kitchen shelving and shiplap walls. Most people believe that farmhouse kitchens have to be rustic in order to look modern; the reality is you can mix and match modern decor ideas with rustic and country elements in order to create a perfect interior for your space.

There are some common features to be seen in farmhouse kitchen designs such as; shiplapped wall panels, exposed ceiling beams (mostly made of wooden and rustic pallets) and farmhouse tables. Some rustic kitchen may also feature very farm style rustic wooden work tops and they are paired with dark painted kitchen cabinets to pull of vintage vibe. It is just a matter of time that modern elements would be added to the interior by interior designers.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen-Moderate Neutral Colors

Farmhouse kitchens are rarely designed with dark painted walls since wood used on the ceiling, floor and beams is too dark itself. The designers believe that dark rustic atmosphere of kitchen should always be toned down by using neutral and earthly warm paint colors on kitchen walls, which I believe to be very logical.

You would never want your Farmhouse kitchen to be look melancholic black and rustic since wood is everywhere, even sometimes in way of wooden wall paneling, why would you choose dark wall paint colors to set off the mood of the decor. Besides, it would bring nothing but negative impact in your rustic kitchen. Be moderate when you mix and match colors for kitchen interior.

Functional Kitchen Furniture

Some interior designers are taking farmhouse style kitchens to the next level by adding only those pieces of furniture which are needed. Some common furniture items are:

  • Sometimes a ladder is added for reaching to the upper kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen is built with good height, the cabinetry section might be little out of hand approach, you can incorporate supportive wooden stools and ladders to reach out to those parts of storage cabinets which are otherwise unreachable.
  • Use of matte black, beige, and little dark shades for kitchen island painting is just common part of modern kitchen decor.
  • Incorporate industrial storage carts to add more of useful storage solutions for your small spaced rustic farmhouse kitchen. This should be done when kitchen island is not an option.
  • Old 1900s or vintage furniture can be repurposed for making rugged and rustic island for the space, some wall mounted storage racks and other accessories of daily use.
  • Mount some wooden shelving rocks over the walls and decorate them with pottery and crocks. Remember that pottery does add a very rustic vibe to farm house kitchen.
  • If you are running out of storage cabinets, use woven, rattan and wicker storage baskets for storing fruits, vegetables, and food inside rustic kitchen. Besides, wicker and rattan naturally have rustic elements to the add to the kitchen.
  • The shiplap walls can be paired with open kitchen shelving for creating a perfect farmhouse style interior.
  • Use white color to brighten up the space; if kitchen countertops are dark in color, go ahead and paint your cabinets in white color.
  • Metal awning can be used when there is no stove hood in farmhouse kitchen. You can use pretty much creative ideas to make the space functional even it is built long ago.
  • Integrate contrasted floor rug to bring pop of colors and use pottery barn curtains to cover the kitchen windows if there are any.
  • Use antique accessories as stoneware crocks. They would add rustic touch to the farmhouse kitchen without your having to spend a lot of money.
  • Repurpose an island that can provide plenty of storage space, seating and a good worktop for you so you could do everything with ease.
  • Add farm chic aesthetics by using marble, stone or onyx countertops over the island. If there are shiplap backsplashes in farmhouse kitchen, you may paint them white and install subway tiles on the floor to create a perfect combo.
  • Reclaimed wood island stool and seats would be perfect for the rustic kitchen.

Creative Farm-chic Aesthetics

You can add farm chic aesthetics of your own choice, use pottery and wooden to exude the perfect vibe in the farmhouse kitchen. Doing so would never be difficult. If you have old furniture you can make new from old yourself or hire a carpenter to do it for you.

Good idea is to use reclaimed barnwood for making kitchen nook, stools and tables for your farmhouse kitchen design.

A rustic kitchen banquette would provide extra seating options in the area. This nook would be best for family breakfast and quick meals for certain.

Do not go for traditional style sinks, instead go for oversized farmhouse sink and pair it up with two-colored cabinetry if you have a budget. For painting farmhouse cabinets, you can use combo of red and brown, these color palettes are fit for any rustic interior.

For farmhouse wall art, you can hang vintage signs and clocks. Make the use of wooden accents to create a perfect ambiance.

Revamp farmhouse sink with buffalo and retro print plaid skirts, and use the same patterns for making covers for islands stools or chairs.

Adding shiplap paneling is the most easiest ways of creating a farmhouse kitchen interior, you can include wooden accessories like bamboo cutting board, wooden spoons, barstools and teakwood cart to add warmth to the space in a moderate way, within budget.

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