Outdoor Porch Swings for Relaxing Warm Springs and Cozy Summer Evenings


Porch swing is a big accessory in outdoor porch, garden, patio and lawn. The swing has come a long way since 70s and it has gone through so many architectural resurgence over the past 30 years. The traditional swing models have been replaced with the conventional styles, which are way more comfortable for indoor and outdoor space. There are too many different styles of porch swings that can be included outside a property, in a porch, lawn, garden, under shed and under pergola canopy. You may have already figure out the spot to install it.

Common Materials Used in Design of Front Porch Swings

Wooden is the most durable to design any swing for both indoor and outdoor uses. However, question should be which specific wood material would improve the life period of the swing; oak. alder, teak, cypress, cedar and pine swings are the best in quality, they are also natural when it comes to wood textures on the design. Besides wood, some carpenter also use wicker, adrinodeck, and rattan for making outdoor hammock swings.
Hammock swings may be constructed with wood, rattan and wicker together. They are lightweight accessory that can be hung indoor, outdoor in the front porch and even in the garden between two tree posts.

Classic Porch Swings

These patio, porch and lawn swings are the most common types available in the market. They are for decorative purposes. Classic style swings are constructed with heavy duty wood such as cypress and they are integrated with rust-proof and water proof hardware so they can last for years. Sometimes every slat of these swings are sanded very carefully all on the ends of the structure for making the designs more comfortable for daily use in front porch and yard spaces. You can decorate the design with colorful swing throws and cushions for adding colors to the design.

Roll Back Swing

Roll back swings can be installed in backyard, front porch, garden and patio. Their designer features a very rolled front, the back is little bit reclined back for adding comfort. If you love spending time outdoor, reading your book, soaking sunlight and just relaxing for some time during summer evening, you could very much benefit from the style of rollback porch swings. The back rest of the swing is comfortable to support your back and sitting posture. You can add some swing cushions in vibrant color in order to feel more comfortable in the swing.

ConsoleĀ  Porch Swings

The console porch, patio and backyard swings feature a unique design where a console is added in the middle of the design where drink and food can be placed. If you and your kids often sit outside for eating breakfast and meals outdoor, you may very much like the design of flip-down console that comes on the design of console porch swings. You can have the design amended as well, two separate consoles can be added on the both sides of the armrests for more comfort.
You can turn the console into canopy swing and decorate the seat with beautiful cushions and throws. There are tons of great ideas on picking the right swing cushions for outdoor garden.

Decorative Wooden Porch Swing

Decorative wooden swings are installed in garden, patio, porch and lawn for improvising on outdoor landscaping. They may carry a very unique design, they often feature various kind of adornments on either bench seat or back rest of the swing. Some may have ornate shapes as well, beautiful mandalas, hearts, floral patterns, characters, and seasonal patterns are carved into the wood material, for making the wood swing very atypical design wise. The back rest or both armrests may also have carving and artwork for added elegance. Decorative swings are a best add for garden and patio decoration.

Engraved Porch and Patio Swings

We all know that wood can be engraved with beautiful patterns, accents and design. The wood on engraved patio swings is designed with delicate details and patterns. In most cases, wood engraving patterns are so much customisable if you are having your swing built on order. If you have some woodworking experience, you can build it yourself as well. You can have your family name, kid’s name or your own name engraved on patio swings.

Bench Patio Swing

A bench swing is very simple in design, it is constructed with a wooden bench seat in the design. The seat is supportive with good canopy or structure to it could accommodate some weight. Some carpenters alsp recycle wooden chairs, bed headboard, and other furniture items for making front porch and patio swings. Building a swing with bench is by way the simple task that anybody can do.

Mini Swing Chair for Porch Garden Patios

This swing does not take a lot of space in your outdoor garden, patio or porch. It is called mini porch swing for as the design contains only one chair which is very tiny. Hanging chair is suitable for kids only because wooden chair can only accommodate a small person, preferably a kid or toddler. For making a swing for adults, you may connect two pair of chairs together for making a double chair hanging swing for porch.

Porch Swing Bed

These days people love hanging porch and patio swing beds, they are suitable for kids, adults and even pets. They are different in design, usually very giant because the dimensions of the swing bed are different than the conventional style porch swings out there. They feature a large size bed like seating which is supportive by either gazebo or canopy. They are made with very durable wood such as pine, cedar, cypress and alder. Porch swing beds may take some space thus they should be installed in a spot which is at least shaded, if it is not shaded you can have a canopy built in your porch or garden so your pets or children can have their relaxing time without exposure to sunlight. Swing beds can accommodate a twin mattress as well.


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