Decorative Fences for Yard! Garden and Patio Privacy Fences


Not all fences are created equally, some fences do add more beauty to the exterior aesthetic of your home. Privacy fences are installed for improving the home security and for giving a sense of relief to home owners.
When good quality garden and patio fences are installed outdoor, they also create a barrier between your home and the people outside.

Why to Put Up Privacy Fences outdoor?

  • It goes without saying that this world is changing and you cannot be safe in your home unless you have taken all the extra measures to make sure that your home is safe from outside in. It means you have got to install home security system either wireless or DIY, have security and privacy fences erected outdoor just to ensure you are safe inside and keep strangers several miles away from entering your property. Here are some common reasons as why you need to install privacy garden, patio and backyard fences;
    For ensuring safe of your home and property and for securing every your assess and items you have in home.
    For saving your home and family from unwanted invasions and intrusions.
    For safety of your kids, pets and toddlers.
    For creating a barrier between your home and the world outside.
    For safety of your trees, garden, patio , plants and herbs.
    For privacy reasons.
    For improvising the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Types of Outdoor Fencing

There are so many different types of materials used in the construction of outdoor fencing such as aluminum, wood, cedar wood, stainless steel, wrong iron, chain link, bamboo, vinyl electric, wood, farm and PVC. The most common types of outdoor privacy fencing is built with bamboo, cedar wood, and any type of wood. You might have seen wooden picket fences installed on many properties, they are the most common types which are erected around the outdoor patio and garden.

Material used for  Constructing Fencing Panels:

Though there are so many styles of patio and garden fences available for your property, the most cheapest fences would be the ones that are made with wood. The cheapest type of fencing material are fabric, vinyl, PVC, and wire mesh. These types of security fences are put up around the Chicken coops normally but they can also be improvised for outdoor patio, garden and backyard.
Though wooden privacy fences are considered the best for any outdoor place yet they do not last longer. As we all know that wood changes its texture when is exposed to water and snow. The life of wooden fence is far less when compared with galvanized stainless steel.
However if you are still considering to use wood fence, you should opt for cedar wood because any cedar privacy fence can last up to 30 years. However, there are many factors involved in increasing the life span of wooden fencing such as construction, quality of wood used, and the structure of the fence.

Famous Designs of Outdoor Privacy Fences

Too many variations are available in outdoor privacy fences, the common ones are made with wooden board, stainless steel and aluminum. Let’s discuss briefly some famous types of fencing for outdoor garden, patio and lawn.

Horizontal Panels and Fences
Horizontal fence panels are created with waney edge boards. These boards are really durable with a slightly overlapping structure. Waney edge boards are cut, ordered and arranged into making fence panels for outdoor properties, usually for making boundaries outside homes. They are popular for offering great privacy to homes, garden, school and industrial buildings.
Feathered edges privacy fences also make for good outdoor boundary lines and privacy panels, they are cut from tapered wooden boards.

Privacy Picket Fences
Picket privacy fences are the most common types of fencing panels, installed around buildings, homes and gardens to keep animals and children within boundaries of an area. Picket fences and panels are used more for decorative purposes than for security and privacy reasons because of their decorative style.

Garden Fences Willow and Hazel
For garden, patio and lawn, willow and hazel fencing panel barriers are erected for making outdoor more secure and for keeping unwanted invasions at bay.

Outdoor Decorative Fences and Fencing Panels
Decorative fencing panels and privacy screens are the most popular these days. Wooden panels are painted, stained and crafted with brainstorming ideas. Painted wooden panels are erected outside the garden for adding colorful vibe to the exterior.



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