Decorative Screen Doors for Exterior Curb Appeal.. Wooden, Aluminum and Vinyl Entry Door Comparison


Decorative screen doors could add beautiful elegance in exterior part of property by amplifying the curb appeal. These doors are made of different materials such as glass, wood, PVC, Metal, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. The most common ones are wooden doors, they are more durable when structured with galvanized steel frames which often resist rust, water, and corrosion. The structure of one decorative screen door differs from another; if one design has sidelight located on the right side, another one may have it on the left side.

If you have to make decision decision about material of garden, patio or entryway door, make sure to use wood because it is known to stay in good condition for years. Not to mention, wooden furniture last for ages and is often still reusable when is no longer in trend. If you want some decorative elements on the design, go for steeled prime doors which come with single, double and triple panels, each may have insulated glass to keep your home warm during extreme winters and cold during scorching summer days.
Clear glass on door designs is not safe; however if it stained it would at least ensure some indoor privacy. You must install a highly durable and unique style door at least, does not matter with plastic, PVC or glass screen, it should do its job by offering security and privacy.

Personalized Decorative Screen Doors

Not to mention, insulated glass can be decorated with a variety of motifs, patterns, mandalas, and floral patterns. I have also seen some homeowners having their name stained over glass. It is all about personal choice what type of touch you want to add to the exterior decorations. A door with colorful stained screen glass would be elegant if your exterior windows have half-moon glass as well carrying the same designs as your entry way door. Mixing and matching the right colors is so much important for balancing beautify of exterior structure.

It would not make any sense to install a heavy duty steel door when all the windows are constructed with wood in your home. However, the best solution is integrating decorative screen doors, they will keep debris, dust particles and excessive sun light from being passed through the entrance of the house, thereby keeping interior very peaceful and neat. When right material is chosen, they can also provide some ventilation along with extended privacy. If your house is located on road side, you may customize your decorative entrance door with acoustic wooden panels to keep noise away from property. Sound of traffic outside would never come through the doorways because of soundproof material being used in the construction of door. It might cost you some money though.

Entry Screen Doors Styles

It is fortunate that now more wood stain colors are available today than before. You can pick any decorative wooden door with glass or plastic screen and paint it in a vibrant color by using latex based oil paint. If you want your exterior entryway to look very rugged, vintage and rusty, you can have your entry door stained in neutral color. You will not have to do anything extra for creating perfect rustic vibe because stain alone would be suffice for adding the desired beautiful effect for you. Oil paint on the other hand would add gloss to the wood surface, making it easy to clean and maintain. Never use matte-finished door colors, they are magnet to dirt, dusts and debris littering outside properties. Use either acrylic or oil based door paints, they are easy to clean.

There are tons of decorative styles, colors and patterns available. Whenever you are to buy one, make sure it is suitable for the entrance of your home. If you want a contemporary style, you must go for double door with right or left handed side-lights. They allow the sunlight to pass through entrance in moderate amount during day time, they also add magical touch to exterior beauty.

Common Decorative Front Door Material

There is a misconception that decorative screen doors lack durability and toughness because decorative elements are used on them for beautifying the structure. This is not so true. When base material is wood, there is nothing to fear of. It is as durable as plain design, the only difference is that it may feature additional elements in form of aluminum screen, decorative motifs on or around the panels, and stained glass side-lights. All these features together make entry door somewhat unique and attractive. For making front door even more secure, you integrate them with an interactive security alarm system.

Different materials are available out there for homeowners. Most people would agree with me that wood is the best for almost all types of contemporary, modern and rustic style exterior. However, some fall in love with aluminum screen doors because they are heavy gauged and heavy duty. To be honest with you, they are so costly compared to wooden doors that not everybody can afford then. Besides, they are very conductive to heat. They may be too hot to touch during hot days of summer because they absorb heat easily compared to wood which is a good temperature tolerant.

Another decorative screen door material is vinyl which is so popular these days. Vinyl is an economical options for those who do not have big investment to spare for exterior makeover. Pros of vinyl entry doors are varied; they have good insulating properties, variety of colors available and above all they are very resistant to rust/corrosion.

Decorative vinyl screen doors come in different styles, patterns and designs. They are affordable though but they are not tough as aluminum, steel and wooden doors. They have very short life span, they cannot hold against extreme hot and cold either.


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