Amazing Indoor Outdoor Water Fountains. Mexican Pottery Fountains Ideas


Water fountains have been around us for thousands of years. They are added to exterior and interior architectural for beauty as well as for their mysterious/mythical meanings.

Spiritual Symbolism of Water Fountains

Water is a natural energy holding healing properties for human beings, it can heal us allowing us to connect with our true self. A water fountain is known to be as a tunnel, a gateway and pathway leading to dimension of spiritual purification and  protection.

Hearing merely sound of water can rejuvenate  body soul and mind without having to take medications and pills.Our universe revolve around four important natural elements; earth, water, air and fire signs. All these sign elements can be added in creative ways in interior and exterior of home.

If you love connecting with nature , you would like the idea of building a nice water fountain yourself with pump. This fountain can be used a table top centerpiece and as an outdoor garden centerpiece for beautifying exterior decorations even furthermore. Most outdoor gardens have everything from long lush trees to colorful blooms of seasonal flowers. You can add a water features by installing a nice and creative water fountain design in the exterior. Some good signs associated with this feature are healing, power, nature, wealth and sacred deities; the meanings of water may change according to your religion and culture. In Mexican culture, water is considered a holy gift of God, exists on earth for nurturing and healing human beings and all living species.

Placements of Pottery Water Fountains

Gardens and opulent courtyards can be decorated with elegant water garden fountains. However, you should be the one to decide where they should be placed. If there is one garden wall to spare which is no longer in use, you can built wall water fountain over it and add beautiful landscaping elements such as shrubs, herbs and plants near it. Decorate the area further with natural stones and river rocks bordering where the wall falls down if not in a vase and pot.

Some common over the counter water features available for everyone are Japanese bamboo fountain and simple indoor/outdoor fountain accents which are used for decorating kitchen worktops, living room countertops/tables and bedroom side chest top. Placement of fountains should be not an issue if you have plenty of rooms in your room to decorate and adorn.

Since water fountain goes well with natural elements such as trees, flowers and vines, it would be better to build and put them outside. They could add elegance in garden, patio, porches and country yards. If your budget is very low, you should invest floor water fountains they come in a very simple designs with stack able vessels and pots. The fountain works based on electric submersible pump which pumps the water on the designing, creating cascading three two, three or five tiered waterfall. Some designs come with two power sets and need battery to operate as a functional water fountains. These designs make for good indoor table centerpieces, thus they are good to be given as a gift to friends, family members and colleges.

Since there is some investment involved in construction of DIY water fountains either indoor and outdoor. For those who do Yoga, exercise  and medications avail from battery operated indoor bamboo, Japanese, and Mexican fountains. Some can be connected with the electricity supply directly. The design may be simple where water sounds produces when water falls from bamboo faucet inside metal, wooden and decorative base. The design may have three to five pottery vases which are made of different materials, they are stacked up. When power is turned out, the water starts pumping through the pump and fall down in a cascading pattern making a beautiful forest waterfall.

You can build your own water fountain by using bowls, vessels, pots and vases. If you need to make Mexican inspired fountain, you would need decorative pottery. I am sharing some designs with you to give you a guide on how you can add water features in garden, country yard and front patio without spending so much money and doing something creative yourself.

Mexican pottery fountain

Three tiered fountain

mexican water fountain

Simple backyard landscaping with water

mexican garden fountain

Garden decor with a fountain

mexican fountain

Garden decoration with water feature

mexican style water fountain

Fountain table and window accent centerpiece

pottery water fountain

Handmade ceramic for making DIY fountain

pottery outdoor fountains

Decorative Pond waterfall

pottery fountain

Hand painted Mexican painted fountain design

Learn how to make a Terracotta Fountain yourself in garden


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