DIY Aquaponic System Indoor and Outdoor


1: Urban Bathtub Aquaponic System 

To make Urban Bathtub Aquaponic you will have to dig a hole at your desired place. This aquaponic system consists of a fishpond, a growth bed that is made from a bathtub, a bunch of tubes connecting both tubs and a small pump. Make a grow bed and add some recycled clay roof tiles to the grow bed.

After this attach the drainage to the pond. Place the bathtub in the middle.  In this DIY aquaponic system, water pumps slowly out of the fish pond into the bathtub. When your grow bed is full of nutrient rich pond water the auto siphon creates a vacuum sucking the water out of the grow bed and back into the fish pond. This process will oxygenate the roots of your vegetables and helps to keep the pond water clean.

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2: Homemade Aquaponic System 

To make Homemade Aquaponic System you will need a four shelf Plano bookshelf, black flexible tubing, T tubing, fountain pump, electrical timer, drill bit, aquarium air pump, stainless steel netting, plywood, gravel. First assemble the bookshelf and start with the bottom shelf.

Place the first shelf flat so that you can place the aquarium on it later. Next you will place the four poles, and the second shelf on them. Make sure that the second shelf is placed upside down. Fasten the poles securely. Now place your ten gallon tank on the bottom shelf.

Place the pump in the bottom of the tank and run the tubing to the top shelf. Attach the tubing to the sides of your poles. On the upside down shelves divide the shelf into four parts, and make sure that the water fills all four quadrants. Next you will cover the T with stainless steel. Place the covered in the hole and connect flexible tubing through the bottom. Repeat the process with the third shelf. Place your fountain pump at an appropriate place for your plants. Fill the aquarium and turn on the system. Complete your aquarium with stones and an air pump. Your Aquaponic is ready.

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3: Indoor Aquaponic Fish Aquarium System 

To make an Indoor Aquaponic System use this unique idea. To make this modify an inexpensive shelf to hold a fish tank on the bottom and growing vegetables on the top shelf.

You can use food bearing plants that produce colorful flowers and textured leaves. They will look like a part of your interior decoration. Always Use white shelf to create an aquaponic system and color the tank according to your room decor. This homemade system will allow you to harvest fresh food all the year. There is a small aquaponic fish tank beneath the system for your home.

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 4: Glass jar Aquaponic herb garden 

To make a glass jar Aquaponic herb garden you will need a large glass jar with a lid, ring, net pot, grow medium, fish, aquarium water conditioner and plant rocks. First decide what type of herb you want to grow. After you have decided this then place the decorative rocks at the bottom of the jar and fill with water.

Do not fill the jar till the top leaves inch space for oxygen to circulate. Submerge the plant roots in water and add aquarium conditioner. Finally, add the fish. Place the plant in a net pot and spread grow medium over the plant roots. You should place the aquaponic glass jar at a place where it gets enough sunlight to grow. Your small indoor aquaponic fish tank is in a beautiful jar.

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5: Tabletop Aquaponic System

To make a Top Aquaponic System you will need a fish tank, something for plants to grow, PVC pipe, PVC end caps, a pump to push water from the fish tank up to the plants, fountain pump, vinyl tubing, air pump to inject oxygen. Take a fish tank and fill it with water. Place the fish in the tank.

Now the next step is to make a room for plants to grow. Cut the PVC pipe with a hacksaw. The open section becomes the top of the pipe for the plants to sit in. Next flip the PVC pipes and drill four holes on the bottom to one side. Now it’s the time to add the end caps. Now start pumping water. Set the channel on top of the aquarium and fill the aquarium with gravel partially. Submerge the fountain pump and run the vinyl tubing up into the channel. Secure the tubing with gravel and add plants. Turn on the fountain pump, and you are done.

Hydroponics VS Aquaponics

Hydroponics means growing plants without any soil. These plants are grown in water, gravel or sand. However, the nutrients are supplied through fertilizers. Aquaponics means growing plants without soil in water only. But, the nutrients are supplied through by products of fish and the cycle maintains itself through the plants.

If you love to have indoor aquaponic system, you might also love to have aquaponic fish aquarium or tanks.  The plants live just above the aquarium, help providing fresh and healthy environment for fish.  The plants get nutrients through the waste by fish.

Fish and plants can live together in an aquaponic fish tank, you just need to find an appropriate kit to make this happen.

Here are some examples of aquaponic fish tanks for you:

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