DIY Aquariums for Room Decorations. Learn to Make Mini Aquariums


Why to invest buying on big glass cased fish aquariums which costs you thousands of dollars? Instead you should make mini aquariums for decorating your bedrooms, living room and lounges. Fish is a great pet; however, you have to take care of it when you choose to put them inside.  Let’s check out of the some best DIY aquarium tutorials, you would fun making these.

DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

In order to design this indoor fish  aquarium you will need the following things
A glass bulb bottle shaped with a screw at cap, few small rocks, few pebbles, glass floral beads, moss balls and water.
To design this first of all take a regular size light bulb and clean it properly. Now add rocks, pebbles and glass floral beads in it. After this add the moss balls carefully and finally add distilled or tap water. Your easy and attractive DIY Bulb aquarium is ready.

Sony dsc
Bulb fish aquarium

 DIY Mason Jar Aquarium Lamp

In order to design this aquarium you will need following things.
A large mouth mason jar, a canning lamp adaptor, lamp shade, light bulb, food color (blue), gelatin, hot glue and tweezers.
To design this Jar fish aquarium you will have to fill the jar with water and add food color in it. Now pour the water in a pot and add gelatin and boil it till the gelatin is dissolved. Once the mixture is cool transfer it to the Mason jar. Let it settle but don’t let the gelatin become firm. While its cooling put the hot glue in the hole of lamp adaptor it will seal the opening ensuring that no light enters it. Place plastic fish into it. Put a cover at the opening of the jar and screw the lamp adapter on the jar. The Mason jar  aquarium lamp is ready.

Diy mason jar aquarium

Fish Jar Aquarium

In order to design this DIY  Pocket fish aquarium you will need the following things.
Plastic bottles with screw on lids, blue food color, plastic plants and plastic fishes you can also use fishing line.
To design this you will have to add gravel in the plastic bottle now you will add the plastic plants. Tie the fish of your choice with fishing line. Add few drops of food color in 2 cups of water and pour this water in the bottle. Place the fishes in the water using the fishing line and screw the lid. The Mini DIY fish aquarium is ready.

Diy fish aquarium aquatic theme aquarium


Hanging Macrame Fish bowl Aquarium

In order to design this mini fish aquarium this you will need the following ingredients.
A 50 feet nylon cord, a glass or plastic fish bowl, scissors and a ceiling hook.
To design this indoor aquarium bowl you will cut 8 pieces of cord 5 feet long. Than you will tie a knot at one end. You will separate the cords in four sections. You will take one section and tie the two pieces of cord into double knot repeat this with the other pieces too.

Take one piece of cord from a section and tie it with the other piece of cord from the neighboring section by tieing double knot repeat it with the other cords. Now put the fish bowl on the top of knitted cords centered on the original large knot. Make sure that the bowl is secured. Add a ceiling hook where you want the fish bowl to hang. Add the fishes in it. Your hanging  Macrame fish bowl is all done.

Diy fish aquarium hanging macrame fish bowl f

 DIY Mini Aquarium in bottle

In order to design this you will need the following things.
Sand, an empty bottle, small ocean animal toys, water, fishes, and small shells.
To design this first of all fill the bottle 2 inches with sand. Than add desired amount of water into it and than add the ocean animal toys and fishes in it. If the sand water is dusty change the water as soon as possible. Finally screw the bottle cap and the  mini glass bottle aquarium is ready.

Diy indoor fish aquarium


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