DIY Bamboo Projects to Try. Make Garden Accessories


You can make a lot of things by using bamboo wood; it is a very lightweight wood with self-healing properties. It is far way better than any solid wood and hard wood because it is decay, mold and rot resistant. It also acts like a bug repellent. You can comfortably use bamboo for making planters, bikes, flutes, wall planters,fences, fountain/Japanese pond, garden trellis, and use it for outdoor projects.

You can create beautiful planters and raised garden beds by using bamboo wood. You would not need a lot of carpenter tools; just use the drill and use saw for cutting the bamboo wood for making planter containers of different sizes for your garden, front yard, backyard and porches.

Tutorial: Plastic pot makeover with bamboo

Tutorial: Mini spiral bamboo garden

Image via: Natural bamboo pole flower


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