DIY Barn Door Plans and Projects. Make Door for Garage, Basement and Entryways


Your garage, basement, carport or a garden shed may require a door but you cannot buy one buy a ready made one because it might not fit in nicely. You can build a barn door yourself; here are some DIY plans and projects for door constructions.

1. DIY Rustic barn door and hardware

Do you want to make a sophisticated DIY barn door with low-cost-lumber? Angle grinder, router, and other simple DIY tools, etc. can be used to make this DIY barn door. The only thing you have to do is to get some materials (stains and nails, etc.). You can make this barn door by using a pine board. For this DIY door plan you would need wood stains of different colors such as gray, golden and any light color.

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2. DIY Easy-to-make barn door

Have you ever wanted to get a door for your doorless room but space problems are obstacles in the way, so you are trying to make a barn door? It could be a lifesaver; it is easy to make, and you will need some necessary materials and thick board for it. It will also occupy less space. How to build a barn door.. All the step by step instructions are given as how to make one for your entryway or doorway, according to the structure of the space.

Diy barn door design

3. DIY Chevron barn door

Unique, beautiful and efficient hardware, that’s all. Isn’t it enough to make you eager in creating this beautiful DIY Chevron barn door? Well, if it is (which should be) then let me notify you that it will take less effort as well as will consume less time to make it. The wood has natural chevron texture to enhance the interior or exterior of shed and barns.

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4. DIY Sliding barn door

You will be needed a hollow core door (which may cost you as less as $10). It would be best if you were careful about the place where you are making this DIY sliding door to avoid complications in terms of space problems. After all this effort, you will succeed in making the astonishing door. The coolest thing is it is decorated with a nice holiday wreath. You would love making this DIY sliding door project.

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5. DIY Contemporary 4-panel barn door

It will cost you $50 to build this contemporary 4-panel barn door. But trust me, it is worth spending money. You will find step-by-step instructions of how you can make it too. It is easy to make and could be made comfortably and efficiently.

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6. DIY Barn Door for laundry/pantry room

You must check this out, if you want a door in your pantry room but could not get it due to space problems. This sliding barn door for your laundry room is easy-to-make and will not cost you that much money. It is elegant and useful in its way.

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7. DIY Barn wood and tin sliding door for closet

Well, this barn door is handy if you have a closet with no door. It is made from scratch. Like, it would be best if you had a board and tin and some tools (which you don’t have to buy). Just by working out a little bit and designing the door, it will be ready and useful enough.

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8. DIY Modern barn door

This one is quite interesting and advanced, and you will have to be careful while making this one. You can make your space functional by adding this elegant, beautiful and inspiring DIY modern barn door.

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9. DIY Wide rustic barn door

You will need some wood stains and boards to make this wide rustic barn door. After making the hardware, you can set it up very quickly. It is cheap enough because you can make it from scratch.

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10. DIY Dutch barn door

This barn door has two sections which can be opened independently of each other. You can also open or close the two sections at once. The lower part of this Dutch barn door will serve for your baby and pet to move between two rooms.

Diy swedish barn door


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