DIY Best Bath Bomb Recipes. Some Great Recipes to Try for Relaxing Experience

How to make bath bombs diy galaxy bath bomb

1. DIY Customized Bath Bomb recipe

This customized Bath Bomb contains two series of products: wet products oil, water, essential oil, etc.) and dry products (baking soda, Epsom salt, etc.). Mix them and then stuff into silicone molds. Add an amount of scent that you like. You can give these bath bombs any shape you want. This recipe can make only 12 pieces of Bath Bombs.

Diy bath bomb recipes

2. DIY Mineral Bath Bomb for Skin

This recipe can make only four bath bombs—baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, almond oil, etc. are all you need to make this mineral bath bomb. Mix the dry pigments first and add colors, then add the essential oils and mold them and let dry for 24-hours. Now you can enjoy an even better bathtub experience.

Diy lush bath bomb relaxing

3. DIY Lush Bath Bombs for Relaxation

Don’t let the high prices of fancy bath bombs keep you from enjoying a luxurious bath bomb experience. Make your own Lush Bath Bomb at a comparatively low outlay. Whisk, Jar, Citric acid, Water, etc. are some ingredients to make this lush bath bomb. After mixing all the ingredients, pack the mixture into bath bomb molds.

How to make lush relaxing bath bombs recipes

4. Easy DIY Non-Toxic Bath Bomb

Arrowroot, Baking soda, Citric acid, Scent and colors, and other vital ingredients are all you need to make this Non-Toxic Bath Bomb. The mixing procedure is quite similar to previous ones, but you might need a digital scale and molds to get things done as they exactly should be.

How to make bath bombs


5. DIY Mermaid Shell Bath Bomb

To make this Mermaid Shell Bath Bomb, you need some different ingredients like Witch Hazel, Seashell Silicone Mold, White Foam Shaving Cream, etc. Once you have mixed the recommended amount of ingredients, let them dry in the seashell mold, and fasten the process by using aluminum foil.

Mermaid shell bath bombs featured

6. DIY Green Tea Bath Bomb

Sodium Bicarbonate, Green Tea Seed Oil, Green Tea Seed Extract, Irish La Bomb Colorant with Hazel, Cyclomethicone, etc. are some significant product of this Green Tea Bath Bomb recipe. Once you have made this, it will save you a lot of money and make your bathing experience luxurious.

Diy green tea bath bombs homemade hydrating bath bomb

7. DIY Tie-Dye Bath Bomb

Tie-Dye is well known for its bright colors and patterns, made in 1960. You will need Rosy Pink La Bomb, Adobe Brick La Bomb, etc. to create a comfortable Tie-Dye La Bomb. Follow the instructions which are quite similar, and you make it in less than an hour.

Diy bath bombtie dye bath bomb tutorial

8. DIY Cocoa Lush Bath Bomb

If you are a cocoa lover and Bath Bomb lover as well, then you must check this Hot Cocoa Bath Bomb. You can make this very quickly, but you have to wait 24 hours between two major steps. Kaolin White Clay and Organic Cacao powder is something that makes the Cocoa Bath Bomb unique.

Diy cocoa bath bombs how to make relaxing bath bombs

9. DIY Cupcake Bath Bomb Recipe

Rice barn oil, Distilled water, Citric acid, etc. is all you need to make this comfortable Cupcake Bath Bomb. This DIY project is something even your kids can attempt and successfully do. If you are a cupcake lover as well as a BathBomb lover, then you will also love it.

Diy cup cake bath bombs for kids

10. DIY Galaxy Bath Bomb

If you love galaxies and the colors inside them and you want to give a gift to someone a Bath Bomb, then you might be interested in making this low-cost Galaxy Bath Bomb.

How to make bath bombs diy galaxy bath bomb


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