10+ DIY Bird House Plans. Provide Shelters to your Feathered Friends in Garden or Porch


It is our duty to take care of small feathered animals who come in search of food, shelter and water near your property, you can offer them some food by making bird feeders, provide them some shade by planting trees and bird house. You can do a lot within budget to support nature.

DIY Wooden Bird House

This Birdhouse plan is really simple. You do not need to have a pro carpenter in order to build this structure. One 6″ wooden board is used for this DIY garden project, you would love making it. Only few tools are required for making the house for feathered friends.

Diy bird house for feathered friends

Cedar Wood Birdhouse

Anyone with little knowledge of woodworking knows that cedar, red wood and alder are premium quality wood. If you are a beginner, you can use reclaimed wood board for your DIY birdhouse project since you do not have enough skills. Cedar is an expensive wood and you might not want to mess up the project, once you get some experience you can try making houses with cedar or pine or any other wood which is expensive.

Learn to make wooden bird house

Modern Wooden Bird House

You will be amazed to know that Ana White shared very affordable DIY wood Bird house plans for those who wish to make multiple houses for feathered friends. If you live in a territory where you often see a lot of blue ribbons, sparrows, and parrots, you might want to make multiple houses. You can mount them on the trees or elsewhere in your garden or porch area. They would provide quite comfort to little birdies outdoor. For making bird house you would need to use cedar wood.

Diy bird house plan

Build a Birdhouse for Garden

I must say this is the most basic how to make birdhouse guide for those who are getting started with wood working projects. Nothing is too complicated to learn, there are step by step instructions given on the bird house tutorial which will help you make a good structure which can be hung outdoor or mounted on any tree or trunk.

Tutorial on diy bird house

License Plate Bird House Plan

This cute, teeny tiny DIY wood bird house is unique because the roof is constructed with an old license plate. You can repurpose an old plate or buy from the thrift store for your DIY garden project. The plan is easy to understand to follow.

Diy bird house ideas

Make Easy Bird House

This DIY bird house plan requires you to use 6″ lumber and wood boards for making the structure. You would also need paint, hangers, and brad nails for for this project.All the steps have been illustrated along with the pictures on the tutorial page.The design of the bird house is pretty simple to make you would enjoy making it with your kids.

Diy bird house plan and guide

DIY Bird Box

The nest has almost three compartments inside, you would make those during constructions.I love the simplest design of this DIY sparrow bird house, which is more or less like a box with the capacity to hold and shelter three to four breeding pairs at a time. . Each compartment can accommodate at least two small birds.

Diy bird house guide

DIY Bluebird Nests

The design of these DIY bluebird houses are pretty amazing, the roofs are made by cutting the wood and attaching each to the structure. The design had pre-drilled holes but you might need to make one yourself in the middle of the house if there is none. If you are using wooden boards for the construction, chances are you will have to make the birdhouse from the scratch, doing so should be very easy if you follow the right guide.

Diy bird house and nest for breeding birds

DIY Hanging Bird House Design

You can literally make beautiful home like structures for birds to provide them a good nesting and breeding space. This DIY hanging Bird house is my favorite because the roof is kind of cute and adorable. For this project you would need to use pinewood boards, 11 ounce coffee cans, nails. and wire or chain for hanging the birdhouse with the tree or in a place in your garden or porch.

Diy wood bird house

DIY Beautiful Blue Bird House

The design is completely simple to make through the plan, you need to paint it in beautiful colors to make it more enticing and attractive.This DIY bird house design is pretty traditional, but it is made beautifully. . If painting it now a viable option you can stain the wood of the bird house, it will work well. You can use any type of wood such as red wood, pine wood and cedar. If you have some big budget you can use alder as well.

How to build a bird house


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