DIY Bunk Beds for Kids Room! Learn How to Make Bed Sets


Bunk beds are an essential commodity for kids’ room. If you have two or more kids, you might have difficulty allocating a separate bedroom for each, especially if you live in a small apartment or house. You can always give at least one big room to your two kids and divide the space between two in an effective way.

Bunk Beds Space Saving Furniture

Bunk bed sets are a big blessings, they are constructed in a style where two bedding set connects with each other, one on the top and the second one on the bottom. However, now there are bedding structures made with the trundle as well.

I would say that bunk beds and twin bed sets save a lot of space in the room. They can be placed in a room that has very limited space..They do not take much space unless you are going for the large sized structures such as bat man, space ship, outer space and themed bedroom furniture which take so much space, they are often bulky in sizes and fills up the room.

Costly Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are quite costly, the ones made with steel frame and wooden structure might be the most expensive ones. Good thing is you can make some bedding sets for your kids on your own.

Why spend money on buying furniture for kids’ room when you can build something on your own, utilizing your wood working skills and some tools.

Tractor Bed with Lights

Tractor Toddler Bunk Beds.

You can watch the complete tutorial on how to make this  DIY tractor bunk bed set furniture for kids room here.

DIY Red Fire Truck Bunk Bed For Room

Fire Truck Bed Playhouse.

This bed structure is very fascinating to make, it is painted in red color, but you can paint this bunk bed  in any other color.

DIY Triple Bunk Bed with Stairs

Triple Bunk Bed.
If more than two children share the same roof, you can make this bed set for their room. This DIY Kid’s bed plan also includes a tutorial for a wooden staircase that you would need to add on the furniture. You can paint the wood stair in any color to make it vibrant. Learn how to make a triple bunk bed set for your children on a budget.


DIY Green Twin Corner Storage Bed

Twin Corner Bed.

These are corner style bunk bed for room of the kids, painted in nice green color. The second picture shows that storage containers have been added underneath each bed. This would allow your children to store their school supplies and accessories in them when the room is too small. Check DIY Storage bed plan here. You can add more than four storage cabinets by making each a little smaller in dimension than what is suggested in the plan.

Camping Bus Bunk Bed with Stairs

VW Bus Bunk Beds.

Your kids would love a camping van bed in their room or outdoor, however you must include one stair on the set so the kids who takes the top bed could climb down and up easily. Check how to make a DIY Bus bunk bed for kids, the plan includes all the step by step instructions.This would be a great sleeping place during the night and a good playhouse for them during the day time. This mini-van caravan camper bed set would be adored by your kids because it is play to sleep on a camper RV at night.


DIY Loft Bunk Bed with Bookcase

DIY Loft Bunk Bed with Desk.

This brilliant DIY loft Bunk bed features multiple sections, it has a great staircase, one nice bookcase storage section and one huge rack for storing school supplies, accessories and books. Your kids would love this multifunctional furniture for their room. The  DIY Loft bed size of this bed is just moderate, it can be placed in one corner, which would allow you to make other essential furniture accessories in kid’s room.  One white wooden stool is placed near the desk that your kids can use for reading books and completing their home work during night time.


DIY Wooden Bunk Bed with Safety Board

Diy Bunk Bed Frame.

You would love the tutorial on Land of nod inspired bunks, made with mood. The top bunk has been built with the side safety rail which is constructed with a wood, it would keep your kids from accidental fall during their sleep. These DIY wooden bunk beds are moderate in size and dimensions and they would not take much space in your kid’s room.

DIY Loft Bed with Wooden Stairs

Diy Camp Loft Bed With Stair.

Your kids would love this camp loft because it has a very unique structure with one wooden staircase. This DIY Loft bed is suitable for any small sized and large sized kids’ room. It can also be arranged in one corner of the room.

Bunk Playhouse with Slide

Side Slide Bed Playhouse.

Check full tutorial on this DIY bunk bed plan on this video.



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