DIY Camper Trailers and RV Campers Designs.Build A Comfy Trip House


1: Cheap Camper trailer 

To make a cheap camper trailer First, you have to draw a sketch of your design. After this make a list of things you need. Cut the plywood piece according to your need. Now begin building your camper and cut out the sides. Make outline of the sides on plywood sheets and cut out with the help of jigsaw. Cuts should be nice and clean. Now add rails on bed, and tack plywood sides up to line things up for framing the interior.

Make the roof of your  DIY camper trailer and for this bend sheets of luan and laminate them to wooden spars. Cover the roof with fiberglass. Next make the galley and doors. You can order these according to the size of your trailer and attach them to the trailer with stainless steel piano hinges, and use a basic screen door. Make galley with some cupboards below. Finally, your trailer is ready.

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 2:Mini camper trailer 

To make your own mini camper trailer you will need steel angle iron, square tube, steel flat bar, pneumatic tires, bore bearing, oak plywood, poplar board, plywood, hinges, braces, wood screws, nails nuts, welder, solder, saw, hammer jigsaw and drill. First make the frame and weld a chassis. Use flat bar stock to add structural integrity and attach the body. Next make a design of your trailer shape.

Print the design on plywood and cut with jigsaw and sand the sides to make them smooth. Cut Oak plywood deck to fit as tight as possible inside. Cut clearance notches on the deck board to accommodate tabs. Drill a few holes in the steel chassis do bolting of deck to chassis. Next prepare the back door hatch and clamp them to the outside. Make the sides and attach them with the help of bolts. Finally, make the door of your DIY mini  camper. Prepare the front of the trailer and apply the curved top on it. Attach the wheels and you are done.

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 3: Aluminum camper trailer

To make aluminum camper trailer first gets a trailer that is six feet wide. The sleeping area should be seven feet long. Next mount the teardrop and covers everything. Replace the substandard wiring and cover the bottom with vinyl sheet to keep water out. Next measure the framing of trailer.

Cover the frame with roofing tar. Now fasten the framing to the trailer with the help of deck screws. Make the side walls with plywood having slats in between them. Now make the framing and install it. Cut the galley hatch hole and the vent fan hole. Now the final step is the most difficult step. Cut aluminum pieces trim them with router and cover the whole trailer with the help of screws. Now attach the wiring for the lights and attach door. Your aluminum camper trailer is ready.

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 4: Recycled camp trailer

To make recycled camp trailer find an old trailer first and tear it down. Lay vinyl flooring that looked like hardwood and trim off excess. Take two sheets of plywood together trace a design of teardrop on it and cut the walls with help of saber saw. Screw the walls to base. Make a frame to maintain the walls set up. Now use tin to make the roof of your trailer. Make marks on both ends of tin sheet and make a curve. Attach the roof and screw it. Now make doors by using the old storm door from your home.

Measure the door, trim the excess wood and attach with the help of piano hinges. Next make the windows opposite to the door for ventilation. Draw a design of a window and install it with the help of putty tape. Make sure that the wiring inside is tucked into the framing and use panels to cover the ceiling. Finish the trailer, and you are done.

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5: Easy camper trailer 

To make an easy micro camper trailer. Find a cheap used trailer. Gut the inside of the trailer and make back and roof. Make a hollow shape to build the structure. Use studs to frame out the entire inside. Make a quick roof, and use old RV windows. Install them and add the roof. Make a roof with tin sheets. Add LED lights, a cell battery and inverter. Finish the trailer and it’s ready to be used.

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