DIY Outdoor Carport Plans and Design Ideas. Metal, Wooden, Steel and Polyethylene Outdoor Vehicle Shelters for Protection


Carports are metal, aluminum, wood and steel building structures, erected with or without walls, with a canopy for housing cars, trucks, and jeeps.

The are alternatives for homeowners for protecting their vehicles in a cost-effective way, building a shed or structure outside their office, homes and commercial properties. A carport is built outside especially when there is no garage for parking the vehicle outside home.

To build a structure, you will need a DIY carport plan, there are plenty of ideas available out there. People barely make enough money to afford two bedroom apartments these days as the inflation is bone breaking, making survival very difficult for everyone, even for those who are making good money every months.

With rising electricity bills, this is impossible for some homeowners to afford a home which comes with a garage. No garage means no parking area for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Without parking vehicles, the homeowners cannot protect their vehicles from harsh weather conditions.

Materials Available for Carport Construction

Fortunately, there are some easy to construct carport designs which homeowners can built by themselves by using wooden, metal and steel carport kit. The kit includes all the tools and equipment needed for the installation of the structure. There are different types of materials to define the life span of a carport after installation.

Polyethylene Carport Designs and Structures

Cheap carport structures are made of plastic, polyethylene and polyester. These designs may include a canopy and a small shed, it may come with or without walls depending on the design plan. Plastic and Polythene carports are cheaper alternatives to metal and steel carports but they may not last long because they are not as durable as metal and steel are.

Metal Steel Carports VS Polyethylene Carports

Polyethylene and Polyester carports frames are for those who do not have enough budget to buy steel and metal frames.If you only need some parking space outside your home for car in an affordable price.

You should consider polyester shed, at least it would protect your vehicle from rain, hail, snowfall and other uncertain water conditions that may cause serious damage to it. Besides, this shed is easy to install and assemble because it is light weight. You can build it right outside your home in few hours.

Metal and steel carports frames are the durable one, they come in free standing and wall mounted styles. The free standing metal carports can be moved one from one to another when needed so. they may feature one shed canopy which is usually made of rust resistant and waterproof metal or aluminum.

The quality of protective carports vary from design to design, the wall mount structures are really durable and sturdy compared to the free standing ones. They are easy to assemble and build as well.

However if you can afford you must go for only steel and metal carports because they can last quite some years.You can have carport roof repaired as well if it is damaged under rain, snow fall and hail. You can also have the metal frame structure repaired when needed so.

Designs of Carport  Vehicle Shelter Structures

Most carport designs are devoid of wall enclosure like conventional style structures. Some designs would last longer than the others, depending on the steel and metal material used on them.

Most common car, truck and boat carports are 20 to 30 foot high, they provide good shade because their roof is constructed with industrial grade galvanized steel, containing horizontal panels and geometrical eaves. Both the metal frame and carport roofs have the ability to fight and resist corrosion for years under rainfall, snowfall and hailing. Therefore, they are considered good for vehicle protection even in picnic areas.
Water Proof Wooden car shelter canopy kits come with ready to assemble carport designs. The roof and frames are made of durable wood. The canopy is a permanent structure constructed outside property for sheltering and shading boats, cars, trucks and even bigger vehicles. Wood carport roof may have horizontal stainless steel and metal panels for improvised design.
The most common outdoor car shelters are made with woven polyethylene material, multiple layers are used for making carport roof and the side door panels. The material is also sometimes UV resistant which protects the structure from fading, molding and damaging under extreme sunlight. The door panels may be located on back and front side of the carports so you could drive through the shelter easily from either sides.

DIY Carport Plans Ideas

If you do not want to buy carports, you can make your own by using DIY carport plan. The plan comes with step by step instructions and ideas.

Free Standing Carport Plan

Free standing double carports plan is for those who have two cars and snowmobiles. The structure is easy to built with the instructions.The plan also includes all the building materials you would need for erecting the structures smoothly without much effort. You just need to have the good quality material for construction if you want this shelter to stay in good condition for years to come.

DIY Carport Shelter Design

Another good DIY carport shelter plan is the one which would allow you to make well shaded and well protective carport structure with covered roof. It can be built on the side of the house with an attached door, it would not take much of the space. You can park one vehicle at a time in this space and keep it protected from rain and water during harsh weather conditions.

DIY Carport Canopy Plan

Metal and steel frame investment could be something you might not afford. You can instead choose to have a metal and steel roof on carport and the side panels for the frames can be constructed with wood. Check this simple carport plan. When you will be done you would have a nice free standing shelter for all small and big sized vehicles. Since it is going to be a permanent structure, it would increase value of your property.

RV Carport DIY

If you are planning to travel in a travel trailer or RV you might need to build a DIY RV camper Carport according to the size of the vehicle. Doing is is even so much important for you if you are going to stay in a place where weather goes bad unexpectedly. According to Structure of RV, the height of RV carport has to be bit different than the traditional style garage and outdoor carport structures. You may have to make some modifications in the design according to the height, dimension and size of your camper trailer for certain.

DIY Outdoor Carport Plan Kit

I did mention above that there are DIY carport plan made from pre-made wooden, metal and steel carport kit. The kit usually includes all the instructions that you need to know in order to build the structure. You have to choose a spot for making Car shelter for your boat, vehicle and motorbikes. When you use a DIY carport kit, you usually built a permanent shelter structure that would last longer than plastic sheds.

Flat Roof DIY Carport Plan Design

If you do not want to opt for industrial style carport roof, you may like the idea of building a carport with flat roof. There are some plans which would allow you to construct a structure with sturdy flat roof, for frame you can use steel though, but it is recommended that you use wood. Erecting supportive wooden poles would be much easier for you if you are following  DIY carport plan with flat roof.

Carport Plan DIY

If there is some spared and unused outdoor space outside your property, you can utilize it for making some gazebo sheds or else for nice attached carport. You need to go through the instructions that would allow you to how to make DIY carport in a spared spot located in your building. You will also learn how to make posts, rafters and roofs of car shelter from scratch.



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