DIY Crafts for Room Decoration. DIY Artworks You can Try


 DIY Flower lights for Room decor

To make this DIY flower light project for your dorm, you will need cupcake paper, string lights, scissors. Make the leaves at first. You can make them by folding small cupcake paper in half and cutting a leaf shape. Now make it petal flowers with the cupcake paper. Make 16 petal flowers.

Cut a small hole in the center of each paper and layer cupcake papers on to string lights to make flowers. You can make as many flowers as you want and decorate your room with this perfect and inexpensive room decor project. Learn more about this DIY Flower light projects for your room. You would enjoy decorating your dorm room with this DIY craft.

Diy flower lamp build a flower lamp for dorm room bedroom

 DIY Clothespin picture holder For DIY Room Decor

To make DIY clothespin picture holders for your dorm room,  you will need a long string, tape, clothespins and pictures. First cut the long string to the length of your wall and attach it in the wall with the help of tape. Now take your pictures and attach your pictures with the help of a clothespin on the string. You can use string lights to make it more fancy. Your easy DIY clothespin picture holder is ready.

Diy clothespin wall art picture frames

  DIY Grater ear ring holder

To make this simple  DIY grater ear ring holder project you will only need two, things a six sided grater and spray paint. First take the grater and properly wash it. The next step is to paint the grater. Add four beads at the lower side of the grater to make it stand. If you want your paint to stay longer use Kyrlon spray paint.

Once the paint is dry your ear ring holder is ready to be used. Put it at the desired location and decorate your room with simple DIY project. Learn how you can make grate ear ring holder with step by step instructions.

Diy grater earring holder diy project


 DIY T-shirt doormat for Entrance

To make recycled T shirt door mat or floor rug this you will need flat door mat, scissors, old t-shirts glue and hot glue gun. The first step is to cut the t-shirts into two inch strips. Now prepare the knotted pieces of the shirt strips. The next step is to glue the knotted strips on the doormat.

There should be a gap of ¼ inch between the pieces. Glue the knotted pieces in a random pattern. First glue the shirt strips at the edge of a mat, and then continue gluing to the middle of the mat. Continue to add the knotted sections until the full doormat is covered. Once the whole doormat is covered let the glue dry. Your t-shirt room doormat is ready. DIY Recycled T-shirt doormat or rug with all the step by step tutorials.

Diy recycled t shirt floor mat diy floor rug

 DIY Braided laundry basket 

To make this DIY Braided Laundry basket, you will need jersey fabric, old t-shirts, nylon thread, beads, and sharp needle. First cut the fabric and t-shirts into same length strips. Stitch three t-shirt strips together to make longer pieces. Stitch them, it will take not more than one hour. Now the next step is to braid these strips. To braid the pieces sew the two pieces of two t-shirt strips to the end of one jersey strip.

Add the beads after you have finished enough braiding to make the bottom of your basket, where you don’t want beads. To see the length of your braid wind the braid at a flat surface. Once you are done with braiding, make the walls of the basket. Add beads as often that you like because it will give your basket a wonderful look. Now sew the ends together to form the bottom of an oblong basket. Coil the Braided strips into a circular path to form the bottom When you start making walls the braid ninety degrees into an upright position, and sew them with the outer ends of the bottom. Keep sewing until you reach your desired position and set your basket at its desired location.  DIY Laundry Basket project, you can weave and braid tons for your laundry rooms.

Diy braided laundry baskets diy craft idea

DIY dressed up cork board for Room Decoration

This is the easiest way to decorate your cork board. You can dress up the board and decorate it with motifs and stuff to decorate your living room, bedroom or just about any space of your home.To do this you only need a beautiful fabric piece. The fabric should be equal in length and width to the size of your cork board. Now simply wrap the cork board in that fancy fabric and paste your pictures notes and cards on that board to give your room a new makeover. DIY Dressed up Cork board craft, you can do it craft in your spare time.

Diy cork board project diy board craft

 DIY Brick bookends for room Decor

To make DIY brick bookend for your rooms, you will need two bricks, white and gold spray, wall adhesive and stick rubber pads. First step is to clean the bricks with a hose and let dry. Once the bricks dry then wrap the lace around the brick. Now spray the bricks with white paint on the top half covering the all four sides. Once dry spray a thin coat of krylon easy tack adhesive onto the back of one of lace trim pieces.

Wrap the lace around the white part of the brick. Then spray a coat of gold paint over the entire brick. Once the bricks dry remove the lace. Finally, add the rubber pads to the end of the bricks. Set the bricks and arrange your books on the shelves.  Make a DIY brick bookend for your bedroom or library room or reading room, it will be fun.

Diy metal brick bookend for library room diy room decor

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