DIY Decorative Coasters Ideas. Beautiful DIY Coaster Projects


Coasters are used for supporting drink glass and tea cups. They protect the wooden and glass table surface from getting damaged due to water exposure. There are tons of DIY coasters ideas which would help you make your own, full of vibrant colors.

Simple coasters designs which are sold on the market are usually plain in their designs, they lack colors and beauty. If you decorate some perches yourself, it would be fun to use them as they will become your beautiful table or wall centerpieces as well.

Decorative Epoxy Coasters

You would need some epoxy resin and use it as a clear layer. Just cut down your wedding photos and family photos, use a mason jar lid of any shape. You need to cut the photo in circle, square or rectangular shape according to the shape of the lid. Glue the picture with the lid and now pour some clear epoxy resin.

These DIY epoxy resin coasters would be useful as perches for placing drinks, cups and glasses; and they are also a great decorative centerpieces, hang them on the wall and they will be photo frames.

DIY Coaster Ideas

DIY Mason jar coasters

Colorful Pom Pom Cup Coasters

DIY Coaster Ideas

via DIY wool felt coasters, DIY pom pom craft

You need two or three packets of colorful mini sized felt pom poms. The project is done by using pom poms, you can use felt ornaments or beads whatever you find available. Use a cardboard and cut round shapes discs. Now you need to decorate your DIY coasters with felt pom poms. Use a glue for it. Your DIY pom pom coasters are ready for your table decorations as well as serving teas to the guests.

DIY DIP Dye Marble Coasters

DIY Coaster Ideas

How to make marble coasters for glasses and cups

These DIY coasters are fun to make, you need different clay colors for doing this project. Use the colors together, make a ball with it, roll it and mix the colors until you have marble textures. put it on a surface and make it a flatten by pressing hands on it. Bake the clay in the even. Now seal it with the liquid gliding.  Your DIY marble coasters are ready.

Citrus Fruit Coasters


DIY Coaster Ideas

Molly’s sketch book coasters

You need some creative pieces of felt for making DIY citrus coasters. You need to stitch the pieces of felt together for making the perches, but it is just so fun to make these and you would absolutely love spending your spare time in their project.


Boho Inspired Crochet Cup Coasters

DIY Coaster Ideas

Boho Coaster project

Not to mention, Boho interior and craft is usually free style, it allows you to use your own ideas. If you love crocheting yourself, you can make DIY crochet coasters with fringes, they have a great boho vibes and the are just fun project to do.


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