DIY Dog Ramp Projects and Plans. How to Make a Ramp for Puppies


1: Dog Ramp From Old House

To make a dog ramp from old house, you will need a plywood bottom, plywood sides, plywood cross pieces, plywood lids, jigsaw, drill and block handle. You can choose dimensions according to the size of your ramp. First, you take the measurements and then cut the parts of the box, top and legs according to the measurements. On the long side of your box mark the edge from the ends (one long and one short) . Use a jigsaw to cut off the corners to these marks. The front of the ramp will be made from a longer edge and a shorter cut will be at the back or top of the ramp. Next you will cut the legs. Once you are done with the legs make the sides of the box. Clamp the sides in place to keep them square and attach the bottom. Drill holes for the leg bolts and then bolt the legs to the box. Attack the block to the underside of the lid. It is used as a handle. At last cut a non slip rug according to the measurements and attach it over the ramp with the help of cement. Your dog ramp is ready.


 2: DIY Inexpensive Dog Ramp

To make this inexpensive dog ramp you will wire rods, closet shelves, anti slip surfacing for ramps, and a carpet. Take two wire rods and cover the wire rod ends with rubber end covers. Now make holes in carpet at every fourth spacing in the wire itself and tie the carpet to the ramp wire rods. Cover the whole rods. Now cover the ramp with the anti-slip and you are done with it.

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3:Dog Ramp from fox and Brie

To make Fox and Brie dog ramp you will need two planks, one beam, six strips of wood, indoor carpeting, wood screws, paint, carpet glue, screwdriver and power saw. Measure the length of your ramp according to your need. Cut the beam into two equal parts. You will use these beams to connect the plywood pieces. Now line up the pieces of beams. Leave equal distance between them. On the left half of the beam place one plank and screw it. Repeat the above mentioned steps with the right side. Now place the wood casing on the top of the ramp and attach with screws. Next use prime paints to paint the whole ramp. Cut the carpet according to the length of ramp and attach with the help of glue. Let it dry. Your ramp is ready.

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 4:Indoor Dog Ramp

To make this indoor ramp you will need one sheet of plywood, foot strip, circular saw, screws, pencil, measuring tape, paint, carpet, carpet glue, drill and sandpaper. Measure everything according to your need and mark off on the plywood. Cut all the pieces with the help of a circular saw. Next cut the support beams. Next with the help of a power drill and screws to put the support beams in place. Now use the power drill to place the top of the ramp, back and platform. Check if all the pieces are screwed tightly. Paint the ramp and attach the carpet.

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5: Repurposed Dog Ramp

To make a Repurposed dog ramp you will need a cabinet door, pieces of plywood, piano hinges, carpet remnant, staple gun, knife, scissors, tape, paint stick, and wood glue. First grab a piece of plywood and piano hinge. Measure the length and drill small pilot holes in the plywood and cabinet door. Put the screws on each board. Place the hinge on the underneath side of the cabinet door. Now use Gorilla tape to secure the carpet on the pet ramp. The bottom portion of carpet is tucked and wrapped at the ends.

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