DIY Aquariums for Indoor. Learn how to Make Fish your Pet in home


Aquariums are, undoubtedly a source of attracting a large audience with their magnificent design and elegance. But the aquariums in the market are quite expensive i.e. it will cost you somewhere between $200 and $400 to buy a 50 gallons freshwater aquarium but it can be more expensive in case if you need a fancy aquarium. But these DIY aquariums will not cost you that big amount and are easy to make as well as elegant too.
Here are 10 DIY tutorials for an aquarium which are of a very little cost as well as easy to make:

1.DIY vintage TV aquarium

This idea applies to our old vintage TV, turn it into a nice aquarium. All you have to do is to remove the electronics from the inside by using some basic tools and you have to remove the CTR also (which might be explosive in some cases). You have to make sure that the interior of the TV is waterproof and also have to place a fish tank inside the vintage TV and after a few modifications and to give your UAQ a significant look, you can use solar LED bulbs which are waterproof, and cheap enough. Check out complete DIY vintage TV aquarium tutorial here.

Diy vintage television fish aquarium

2.DIY bulb aquarium

This DIY aquarium idea is quite easy to act upon and is a fun thing for children and is also helpful in building their creative skills. You can make a bulb aquarium using an old bulb. All you have to do is to make sure that the bottom of the bulb is removed and there is no breakage of glass part of bulb also. You can further modify the bulb by creating different layers of soil, stones, etc. You would love this DIY bulb aquarium for your home, you can even give it as a gift to your friends and family members.

Now talking about the fish, you will have to insert an artificial fish inside the bulb and you can adjust it by using copper wire (it will also let the fish to be seen floating inside the bulb.

Diy light bulb fish aquairum

3.DIY coffee table aquarium

This idea is very unique and astonishing DIY table aquarium. Usually, ready-made glass top coffee tables cost up to $500 before shipping. To make this fancy aquarium, you will need some things which might cost up to $115 and $180 for 10 gallons and 20 gallons models respectively. But if you have an old coffee table (having a glass top) then it might cost you a little less. After a series of modifications by using some tools, you will be able to place the glass tank inside the coffee table. And by installing the led set and giving a final decorative look to your coffee table aquarium, your stunning and attractive coffee table is ready to gather the attention of guests and friends.

Coffee table aquarium for living room diy fish aquariums


4.DIY aquarium table lamp

This aquarium table lamp is a little tricky to make and you will have to be material specific in case if you are making this. This 1-gallon mini aquarium Is accompanied by a heater and 5W fluorescent light. The light source of the lamp and aquarium can be controlled independently of each other. The mechanism of the aquarium is such that there I no chance of mixing the water with the electrical circuit. Although you might have to be material specific but it will cost you a little amount of money to build this elegant masterpiece for your room.

Diy table lamp aquarium'

5.DIY wall aquarium

This aluminum structure design wall aquarium is unique and breath-taking, despite these facts it is easy to make and the primary requirement of its structure is aluminum only. You can modify the wall aquarium according to your taste with the aid of some carpentry tools. The lights can also be installed easily if you have designed the structure well. And after installing a deep blue sea image as its background, it will be ready to mount upon the wall. This unique DIY aquarium can then collect a large number of compliments.

Diy wall aquarium with 3d backgrounds

6.DIY aquarium moonlight


Have you ever wanted to create a unique LED setup for your aquarium? Well, in this regard, you might be surprised after knowing that you can create a moonlight for your aquarium to give it an amazing look in just an amount as little as $15 and it could be less if you have useful household materials. You can modify the DIY aquarium moonlights as you like them and can use the LED of colors of your choice.

The entire setup of moonlights must be connected in parallel to avoid any complications and you have to use a 5V adapter for this purpose, but have to buy resistors of higher rating in case of using a 9V adapter. The moonlight setup will give an output up to 5V. So, this mechanism can be useful enough to give your aquarium a new look.

7.DIY shoebox aquarium

If you want your child to be engaged in creativity skill enhancing activities or you want to kill your time by doing a random task, then this DIY shoebox aquarium is a great thing in this circumstance. It does not require anything costly except glue gun (which you must have in your houses). This DIY  fish aquarium project should take 30-45minutes to complete and is a very good exercise for your mind and spend your spare time. You can add a googly eye to the fish and can further add stones at the bottom to give it a dynamic look to your indoor aquarium.

8.DIY 3D aquarium background

Giving your aquarium an outclass look is a desire of almost everyone but the expenses to make your aquarium a fancy one are pretty more than expectation. You can make your aquarium more attractive by giving it a 3D background. Check this site out that how to make a 3D background for your aquarium by using some simple things (like thick foam etc.). Well, you can make the background of your choice by using your imagination. But you have to be careful while doing this task as the slightest mistake can ruin the whole thing. But once it is completed, it will remain longer and will give your aquarium a stunning look.

9.DIY PC aquarium

What are you going to do with your outdated PC? (throwing it away or something?) Well in this case, you might be overwhelmed by knowing that you can turn your dead PC into an aquarium. All you have to do is to clear some space in the interior of your dead pc, get a “Krafty Block” (which is small enough to fit in your dead pc) and other useful things for this task.

Diy dead pc fish aquarium for home and rooms

10.DIY Mini aquarium

Will you mind a beautiful and portable mini aquarium in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room? If not, then you must check this DIY Mini aquarium to engross yourself in making it. All you need is an empty jar to make this beautiful aquarium. You can decorate it by adding some stones and soil and can make it a source of attraction for your child. You can fill the jar with fresh water, a pair of fish, and some fish food.

Build a mini aquarium


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