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If you have some experience in wood working, you can make good outdoor furniture for porch and patio. Front porch swing is a beautiful outdoor accessory which could be fun during spring and summer evenings.

Which Wood should be used for Swings?

You can use cypress, alder, walnut, pine, and cedar wood for making your own wooden swing and install it either in front porch, garden or in the patio wherever you find the best spot for it.
Though there are ready made indoor and outdoor hammock swings which are made of wicker and rattan, but they can accommodate only one person at a time. Wood is way more durable than wicker and rattan, you can construct a nice swing with it by going through some DIY porch swing plans.

Simple White Porch Swing

We all know that wood can be painted in white, yellow, blue and any color. You can paint your swing in white color to make it stand out. This swing has a very beautiful porcelain like hue, it can be decorated with beautiful throws and cushions. You can make a contrast yourself. Check DIY swing plan here. They have decorated the wooden seat with striped green white cushions and orange cushions. You can choose colors of your choice.
White wooden porch swing with swing cushions beautiful bench swing

Mini Little Porch Swing

The swing is beautiful and tiny in structure yet the design is so much attractive. I love how functional the armrests are. The color is pleasant too, you can pretty much make this DIY porch swing without much struggle. You can add it in front porch, backyard or garden.
This swing has a really simple yet bold design. I especially love the arms. They look robust and imposing yet very aesthetically pleasing on this creative swing. The backrest, on the other hand, is a little too low and might be deemed inconvenient by some. But, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a problem with it, then this will be a lovely addition to your porch. This swing has been made comfortable with the mattress cushion. I would recommend you to go for a swing pad, it is way less expensive than mattress.
Beautiful crib mattress wooden patio porch garden swing hanging over deckboard

Modern porch Garden and Patio Swing design

I like Ana white for sharing brainstorming DIY furniture plans and ideas. Now this blue painted swing is so easy to make, the dimension of seating is different as you can see how broad the seat it. You can use a wooden bench for this DIY outdoor Porch plan, it is supportive by rope though. A canopy would be needed over the seat for protection from sunlight and UV.

Creative porch swing painted in blue diy swing plans

Crib Mattress Porch Swing

The frame of this swing has a very rustic and antique vibe. It is made with large piece of wood. A good crib mattress has been added on the seat for adding comfort. You can learn how to make this wooden patio swing yourself. You can install a canopy with it in order to make it even more comfortable for yourself and your kids. Since this DIY rustic wooden swing has a mattress, it can also be useful for indoor use such as it can be placed in living room and lounge area. Garden room could be another best location for its placement.
Diy swing plans for chic prch swing with dark wooden frame crib mattress on the seat

DIY Porch Swing

I love the backrest design of this swing, it features nice patterns. The color is vibrant and eye-catching, it is painted in dark blue color, which is making a nice white aesthetics of front porch decoration. It is really comfortable for adults, elders and pets like.
Some nice dotted dark blue swing cushions has been added for beauty. You can choose cushions of your choice, colors are options for certain according to the color you would choose for painting. Learn how to make this DIY wooden swing for garden, patio, yard and porch.

Dark wooden porch swing hanging in the garden made with bench diy swing

Chic Porch Patio Wooden Swing

The design is pretty simple, flat and slanted. It has a natural appeal which would help you improvise on outdoor garden and patio aesthetic. Learn how to make this chic wooden swing for porch within budget. I depicted above you can repurpose a bench seat and convert it into hanging swing by adding some supportive chains and lock links. It is painted dark in color, you can choose color of your choice that you believe would help the design match with the porch decoration. Learn how to make DIY bench swing for garden and patios  within budget without breaking the bank.

Diy wooden porch swing design idea


Repurpose Headbord Garden Swing

You can use vintage bedding sets and headboards. Wooden furniture for the most part is really reusable if it is not infested and damaged. You can repurpose anything for making outdoor furniture accessories such as a small table top, some wooden frames and even DIY shelf rack.
This DIY headboard porch swing is pretty easy to make. You would need some tools for cutting the wood though with nails, ropes and chains. Headboard is used for making the backrest of the bench seat. The design is decorated with beautiful swing cushions, they are making a big statement on comfy mattress pad. DIY repurpose headboard swing for porch, garden and yards.

Repuporse headboard swing design for porch


DIY Porch Swing Plan with Carved Backrest

Beauty of wood is that it can be turned into a nice artwork and crafts. Carpenters love to do carving on wood, you can have your or your kids names carved in the wood without spending any money. This is another DIY wooden porch swing idea that I like the rest. A small heart is looking beautiful on the backrest, some more patterns can be added for commemorating spring or summer season such as leaves and flowers motifs on either armrests or backrests of the swing.

Diy adirondeck wooden porch with carved wood diy swing plan

More details at instructables.comCedar Porch Swing

I must say cedar is suitable for making outdoor furniture, accent table and hanging swing chairs/benches. We all know that cedar has a natural scent that comes alive during special summer and spring time. Using it is recommended for furniture if you wish it to last for decades. I am sharing DIY cedar swing plan for porch, patios, and gardens with you here that you will find highly useful. The backrest of the swing features two names, it could be couple’s name or names of your kids, grandchildren and your family members who you love the most.

Four Commune Porch Swings

If you have a large spaced garden outdoor or a porch used by your children and grandchildren, you can build a DIY commune Porch swings with wood in it. The posts are definitely be built with wooden as well, for shade you can add pergola canopy .
The design below has four swings linked with heavy duty chains connecting with the roof.The roof has vertical wooden panels and eaves. You can use metal frame as well if you have some budget.

Diy commune swings for patio garden porch


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