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DIY Greenhouse with fibreglass panel

Do you want to save your plants from environmental changes? But how would you do that? Probably with a greenhouse, but those in the stores are very expensive.

You can  construct a fiberglass Greenhouse by using tools like Paintbrush, Sealant or paint, Stepladder, Clear silicone caulk, etc. After doing all the woodwork you have to attach fibreglass panels with them, and this will probably save you a factor of the amount. Enjoy your own DIY green house garden.

Salvaged window green house

DIY Greenhouse having corrugated metal sidewalls

How to build a Greenhouse that contains corrugated metal roofing at sidewalls which makes it strong enough to stand for years.  Build the structure, add corrugated metal roofing at the side and use greenhouse plastic at roofs.

Diy green house design and plan

DIY Stick-built Greenhouse

Make this stick-built Greenhouse of a wooden structure by using some concrete blocks and installing plastic panelling (with the help of exterior screws). It is quite expensive but not that much as compared to online stores. Enjoy your DIY green house designed with the sticks.

Build a green house step by step

 DIY Umbrella greenhouse

Use your any type of container as a planter and then add to It your inexpensive plastic umbrella to make your umbrella greenhouse. That’s all you need to build a DIY umbrella greenhouse.

This DIY green house is beautiful, it has umbrella for shade.

Diy umbrella green house plan

 DIY Greenhouse from old windows

This DIY old window Greenhouse is made from recycled products and is easy-to-make. Use your old windows to make this DIY Greenhouse for totally free of cost. And after building the structure, install a door. This Greenhouse is now ready to save your plants from weather changes. Enjoy your beautiful custom built green house.

Diy green house plan

 DIY Photo frame greenhouse

Use 8 photo frames which are old enough to be recycled to make this DIY Greenhouse project. Assemble the frame together after removing the glass and then after building the structure, use hot glue to attach glass on the frames. In addition to protecting your plants, you can also use it as an indoor décor. Beautiful DIY greenhouse is ready.

Diy green house photo green house

 DIY Greenhouse from scrap

Use your rough scrap material to build this unique DIY Greenhouse project in your spare time. So that you can save your plant whether it is cold outside or the weather is warm enough by making this in your yard.

 DIY Greenhouse with plastic

The procedure to make this DIY PVC greenhouse is quite easy. All you need to do is to build a structure of PVC or metal hoop. Then you can cover it in transparent plastic so you can trap the heat inside.

Diy hoop house green house plan

 DIY Mason Jar greenhouse plan

If you are going to root a plant, then it is vital to control the moisture and temperature of the plant’ environment. This could be possible with a greenhouse. So let us make one, Use your DIY Mason Jar Green house plan  upside down on the plant, and you will get its climate-controlled, simple.

Diy green house

 DIY Greenhouse from recycled material

Build Recycled Greenhouse plan from recycled materials and give it an ancient touch. The construction procedure is quite similar to the previous ones and above all facts is one fact that you can make it free of cost. But if you don’t have the hardware, you can use low-cost lumber.

How to build a green house with plan

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