DIY Grow Tent Designs. Learn how to Make Beautiful Indoor Tents


If you intent to grow hydroponic indoor garden indoor, in your garage, basement or anywhere in your home, you would need at least one grow tent with reflective interior. A good design is built with one or two grow lights; it may have if there are shelves and racks on the tent. You can built your indoor or garden grow tents yourself, I am sharing some tutorial down there in this article.


PVC pipes are best to make a DIY grow tent at home. In order to design this type of grow tent. You will need 8-10 PVC pipes. Customize the height and width according to your own requirements..

For this DIY Grow tend project, Join these pipes with the help of holder in order to make a box shape grow tent. PVC pipe is easy to work with and easy to adjust make a cross at the top of it. You can make Excellent PVC grow tent. You can use this type of grow tent for indoor or outdoor to start seeds or grow plants.

DIY Three Tiered DIY Grow Tents

In order to design a three tier  DIY grow tent with lights you will need a ready made plastic shelf with three tiers and builds a grow tent around it. First of all take the shelf and wrap it all with the foil paper after this add the lights with the help of screws inside it and turn them on, Finally finish it off by applying velcros at the sides to open and close it easily. This is small enough to fit any room and large enough to start six layers of the seed. PVC pipe are used along with bubble wraps for building DIY grow tent. It can be used for growing plants for the whole year. Your Handmade Grow Tent with lights is ready, enjoy your build.

Built grow tent indoor grow tent design

DIY  Recycled Wardrobe Grow Tent

In order to design a wardrobe DIY Grow tent this you will need following things.
A canvas wardrobe, reflective sheeting, foil tape, sharp knife and scissors.
To design this DIY grow tend set your canvas wardrobe. Now you have to cut the reflecting sheet and tape it in its place. Make sure everything is covered so that light won’t leak out. Cut a hole at back of the tent. Now hang the carbon filter on the top of wardrobe inside. After this hang the lights. Now put the plants inside it and let them grow perfectly. Your DIY indoor Grow tent is all done.

DIY Grow Tent Large

In order to make large DIY grow tents you will need some PVC pipes along with other items. For making large sized tent, you would need to connect the pipes according to the room, and wrap the pipes with the reflecting panels for creating reflecting surface in its interior.

Hang a good quality light to grow some plants inside your DIY grow tent. This can be used for growing vegetables. The large size allow us to grow a large volume of vegetables indoor. its large but it is still very compact and easy to transport, just in case you wish to move it around. Watch complete tutorial on how to make this large grow tent with few items.

Diy grow tent dsign make grow tent for home

DIY Grow Tent with wire shelves

In order to design  of  DIY grow tent with shelves,you will need an adjustable rack to hold your lights and plants, a good quality tape, black and white poly and some velcros.

First of all you need to assemble the rack. Use the number of shelves you think you need. In order to fix your lights on the shelves cut the part of shelves to allow the lights to sit.

After that run you LED wiring along the shelves of DIY grow tend. Finally use the black and white poly you have and drape it over the rack. Tape the poly to the top shelf first and than at the bottom.

Put the plants you want to grow on the shelves. Make your door and cut the excess sides you have to seal the door when its closed with tape. Now switch on the lights and check temperature and humidity. You have successfully built your own grow tent with wire shelves  and it is ready for use.



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