DIY High Raised Garden Plans. Learn how to do Gardening Better


1. DIY cedar wood garden bed plan

Make a 6ft wide, 2ft deep, and 3ft tall garden bed in just a few little steps by using rot-free cedarwood. All you have to get are some screws and specific cedar beds. Just screw the wood walls and the base of the garden bed and put some plants in it. Your cedar wood garden bed is ready.

How to build raised beds for gardens


2. DIY waist high planter box

If you are having back problems and due to this, watering the plants is difficult for then, you must make your own customizable  DIY waist high planter box out of timber. Also, it consists of an extra storage shelf which is helpful enough.

Diy waist high raised bed for gardens made of wooden

3. DIY Raised herb-garden planter

Build a raised herb-garden planter with hooks on the side to hang your gardening tools in few easy steps. It easy to grow herbs in these detailed planters as these contain drilled holes to give water a way out.


4. DIY Two-Tiered raised garden bed

Use a wood pine board to make this raised garden bed to maximize your garden space, and you can also grow taller plants in the lower portion. Circular saw Philips screw bit and wood drill bit are some tools needed in the process.

Diy elevated raised planter beds for gardening

5. DIY Raised garden bed

Keep your pets away from the plants by using this raised garden bed. Use pressure-treated lumber to make this, and it will also help to prevent your back pain.

Diy raised garden beds for porches gardens yards


6. DIY Quick-Built raised garden bed

You can build DIY raised garden bed in less than a day. All you need are some basic carpentry tools, pieces of rough cedar, and glue (to attach the pieces strongly). Like the other ones, attach the pieces after cutting them in a suitable size.

Diy raised planter bed plans


7. DIY back saving Elevated planter box

Use untreated wood to make this elevated planter box because in case if you are using chemical treated wood, it can mix the substances in the soil, and regarding this, it can affect the yield. Like the other ones, it can also save your back if you are having problems while bending.

Diy elevated raised planter beds for gardening


8. DIY Elevated raised garden bed

You want a raised garden bed, but those in the stores are quite expensive, so don’t you worry, make your garden bed and save your precious plants from animals in your house.

How to build raised garden bed

9. DIY Elevated garden bed

Build this DIY elevated garden bed whose construction procedure is quite similar to previous ones. It will dry the soil much quicker due to its drainage system. Another good thing is that it can be covered easily to save the plants when the weather is not so good.

Build raised garden beds for porch diy raised garden beds plans

10. Tiered raised garden beds

Lumber, corner braces, corner plates, Kreg jig, and staple gun, etc. are some tools that are required to make this tiered raised garden beds. You will also find a lot of space to grow plants, and in addition to this, you will have your cedar framed garden beds.

Diy tiered raised garden beds for porches gardens yards



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