DIY Home Security Alarms. Keep your home Safe from Unwanted Invasions


1. SimpliSafe Home Security

To set up your home security system, the following are needed: entry sensors, motion sensor, SimpliCam, glass break sensor, panic button, smoke detector, freeze detector, leak detector and four ad-ons namely keypad, key fob, siren and yard sign.

For the installation of security system, the sensors are equipped with sticky surfaces for installation of their backs which can be placed without damaging the wall. You have to be careful with installation of the base station only. As soon as sensors are installed, the keyboard is placed for pairing. When you press the button on all the sensors, they pair up and the name appears on the keyboard. Then, the system can be set up through an online portal or the application on the phone Here is a review of best home security systems you can choose for securing yourself and your family in your house.

2. Honeywell Smart Home Security System

To set up this  DIY home security system, the following are needed: Base station—consisting of microphone, camera, privacy ring, volume buttons and light, sensor accessories—consisting of access sensor, key fob, motion sensor and motionviewers. First, the app is downloaded from app store (Play or Appstore). Through the app, the camera base station is set up. Blue light on the base station means it is ready to be set up. The base station is connected to the motion sensor, access sensor, all of the motion viewers and the keyfob. Access sensors consist of a large half, small half and an optional extender. Motion viewers consist of indoor and outdoor viewers. Download  home security system tutorial in pdf to lean how to secure your home in easy ways.

3. Abode Home Security

To set up this system, the following are needed: Main hub, motion sensors, application.
The main hub is connected to the router for access through the ethernet so it can self-boot and activate the battery pack. Next, install the adobe application and create the credentials for an account. One this is done, you can now connect all you devices one by one—door, windows, motion camera etc. Next step is to add members for access by inviting them to choose a service plan. Read more about Abode home security system here.

4. ADT home security system

Note that this setup also supports smart home setup. To set up this security system, the following are needed: ADT security hub, smartthings app, ADT professional monitoring, ADT window and door detector and ADT motion detector. The setup works with Samsung smartThing which is the core part. This part connects wirelessly with all the cameras and sensors. Next add, the smart devices—motion sensors, monitoring systems and detectors. The setup of base is via ethernet cable which connects through the sensors via app on Appstore and Google Play. Check out this home security set up kit, it will help you with all the installation.

5. Ooma Home Security Starter Kit

This setup consists of one Ooma Telo Base Station, one 1 Motion Sensor and two door and window sensors. The setup is done via application through Playstore or AppStore apps. The hardware consists of door and window sensors, water sensor, motion sensor, siren, keypad, garage door sensor,SmartCam. All these devices are installed separately. The base station is called Telo Base Station DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE) via WiFi. Learn more about Ooma home security starter kit and check out the products.


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