10+ DIY Jellyfish Lanterns. Make DIY Paper Lanterns for Parties and Event Decorations


You can make DIY Jellyfish lanterns with inexpensive craft material such as ribbons, plastic table clothes, crepe paper, ribbons and decorative papers. These lanterns make for perfect decoration for baby shower, Wedding and Nautical theme parties, birthday parties, Anniversaries, Event Celebrations and all sorts of Holidays celebrations including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I have collected some DIY Jellyfish Lantern Tutorials for you so you could learn how to make one yourself for decorating your room or garden during parties. It would be fun.

Jelly Fish Lantern

I personally like this tutorial and step by step instructions, you would need to make these Paper jellyfish lanterns with transparent table cloth, you can use any color of your choice. Plastic cloth is available in almost all festive colors to suit your party themes. You would need some paper for making dome shape Jellyfish structure as well.

Diy jelly fish lantern tutorial

DIY Paper Lanterns for Under The Sea Parties

You would need just a few items for making these amazing Sea themed Paper Jellyfish Lanterns in vibrant color, they can be hung outdoor for any sort of parties you are throwing to your friends. You would need Paper in colors like Robin’s egg blue, lavender, and light pink, cello tissue, curling ribbons, tissue steamer and mini hooks for making these attractive DIY party lanterns.

Diy paper jelly fish lantern

Floating Jellyfish Ornaments

You would need paper lanterns, table covers in any two shades of your choices, crepe streamer, curling ribbons, glue and couple other accessories for making these DIY floating lanterns for outdoor. The tentacles of these jellyfish are made with table clothes, the skirt of the lanterns is also created with the same covers, make sure to buy in good enough cover for your project.Use glue for attaching the tentacle with the Jellyfish lantern. The complete tutorial is shared on the page.

Diy jellyfish paper lanterns for party decoration

Pom Pom Jelly Fish Paper Lanterns

You would need some pom pom, tissue paper and of course lanterns for the project. You will have to use tissue and pom pom for making tentacles of DIY Jellyfish paper lanterns. If you check out the complete tutorial, you will see how easy it is to do this DIY party craft using only a few items.

Floating Mermaid Party Lanterns

You can add delicate details by choosing intricate fabric for improvising on the design of your party themed such as mermaid Jellyfish Lanterns. This DIY party craft project requires you to use fabric ribbons along with transparent ribbon for making tentacles of the Jelly fish, you need to attach them with the bottom of the lanterns by using tape or glue. You would also need fishing wire or thread for hanging them outdoor or indoor. If you are throwing a party outdoor, you can easily hang your floating Jellyfish ornaments with the trees or posts.

Diy floating mermaid jellyfish lanterns

Jellyfish Lanterns with Streamers

You need paper mache, decorative lanterns, and some plastic table cloth for this DIY party craft project. You can recycle colorful plastic table cloth as well, go through your home and find something you have not used for years. You need to work on the cover for making ruffles which you would attach at the bottom of funny Jellyfish lanterns. Attach on the bottom opening from the inside so they could create the illusion of the real tentacles. You also need to attach the streamers at the bottom for creating the effect as if Jellyfish are hovering. It is absolute fun to make these DIY decorative lanterns for your home for parties and celebrations because you do not need to spend a lot on buying the material.

DIY hanging jellyfish lanterns

DIY Hanging Jellyfish Lanterns

These are my favorite. They are easy to make, the full instructions are given with step by step tutorials, you would love to make these floating Pink Dory inspired jelly fish lanterns are created in the simple way, you just need pink colored ribbon and few other items for this DIY party decor craft.

Dory inspired floating lanterns

Ocean Themed Party Lanterns

If you do not have time to make paper Jellyfish lanterns yourself, you can definitely order them for birthday parties, class room decorations, and wedding. They are quite affordable as well.

Colorful party jellyfish lanterns for decorations

Underwater Polka Dot Lantern

This one DIY lantern project is so suitable for kids and adults alike, you can make a nice corner aquarium by decorating your room with beautiful ocean themed art and crafts. The lantern is so easy to make, you just need some craft material, you would love to add polka dot texture to the design.

Underwater jellyfish lanternsSimple Hanging Jellyfish Paper Lanterns

There is nothing too complicated about this DIY party craft project, you can make these DIY party lanterns with ease, you need only some items as well. There is a detailed video tutorial to guide you how to make floating Jellyfish out of paper without much struggle.

Diy paper lanterns jellyfish tutorialYou can add string lights to the lanterns easily, just battery operated bulb or led light inside the design and turn it on to brighten up your room during the night time.


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