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You can make your own DIY key holders for keeping your keys in place so you won’t ever lose them. It is just so common for us to place the keys in the drawers and forget about them. You can hang your keys on a holder or organizer. You can make an organizer yourself as well.

Wood Cactus Organizer

This is an incredibly simple DIY wooden key organizer. Use wood pallets and any board, cut it and use the wood stain or simple varnish to paint it green. Hammer some nails to create its pricks. Support it with a container full of stone, pebbles and river rocks.

DIY Wood keyholders


Recycled Wooden Frame Key Holder

You need to attach a few acrylic and plastic hooks on an old wooden frame which you no longer need and wish to display in home. Now hang your keys. Frames can be painted in white color as well.

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Driftwood Houses Key Holder

Drifwood houses key holder

key hanger wall

All you need to do is get a wooden rack with some artwork. You need to place some hooks over the driftwood, paint in any color, make houses, art, beach or anything you can paint. You can cut flowers from paper or glue crochet flowers over the key holder.

Animal Key Rack

You would need plank or wooden boards. Use ready made plastic animal figurine and cut them, spray them in gold color.  You would need to glue the figures to the wooden animal racks by using some glue. Your DIY animal rack is ready for use.

Animal key rack holder

DIY key rack

Funny Ball Key Holder

If you have a ball which you can no longer use because it is broken and damaged, you decorate it with two animal eyes and make a slit on the surface. You can hang your key in the slit. this is just an amazing tennis ball key holder to make on a budget.

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