DIY Kids Game. Some Great DIY games Ideas for Kids


1: DIY Fish Catching Game for Kids

To make this game you will need paper, printer, yarn, paper clips and dowel rod. The first step is to print the fishes and cut them out. The next step is to make holes at the tail of printed fishes. Now pass a thread through these holes. To make this step easier, wrap tape around the yarn edge, and then pass it through the holes. Tie a loop on the fishes. The last step is to bend a paperclip into a shape of hook and use a yarn to attach it to the dowel rod. The fish catching game is ready. Frog Prince Paperie

01 diy fishing game for kids

 2:DIY Snowman Bowling Kid’s Game

To make this you will need a few toilet paper tubes, paint, glue, card stock, marker. The first step is to paint the tubes with white color. The next step is to paint the upper 1/4 portion of tube black. Now add a black card stock strip to the edge. Now paint some faces on the tubes and put a hat made of cardboard on the top of each tube. Once you have decorated them highlight them with white fabric paint and add snow to their hats. Your game is ready DIY Snowman bowling Game.

Diy snowman bowling game for kids

3: DIY ABC Ice cream gross motor game

This is a simple indoor game for early learners. To make this you will need only two, things that are ball pit balls and paper towel rolls. First cut the rolls from the middle and make the cones. Now write lowercase letters on the front. Next, write uppercase letters on the balls. Now set the rolls, and balls on the table. Your game is ready. Ask you children to make the lowercase words on the cones with the upper case words on the balls and enjoy. DIY Kid’s game idea

03diy gross motor ball game for kids

 4:DIY Ticktacktoe Game for Kids

To make this easy indoor game you will need a Lego base board, flat one dot wide bricks, and a hand full of uniform bricks. Now to set your game all you have to do is to set the game board by pressing the flat narrow Lego pieces into Ticktacktoe formation on your board. Now take some bricks to use them as your game pieces. You can also color your bricks to make your board colorful. Set all the things, and the game is ready. DIY Lego game for kids.

Diy lego game for kids

5:DIY Mini Foosball for Kids

To make this interesting game you will need a shoe box, wooden dowels, clothespins, utility knife, marker, hot glue gun, glue, spray paint and ping pong balls. First decide how you want your clothespin on dowels. Now you have to use two goalies on each end, and three middle guys in such a way that each child will handle two dowels. Now stand the clothespins up, and put the dowel against them on the outer side of your box. Next make a hole at about ¼ above the dowel. Once you have marked it push your dowel through this hole and mark another hole inside the box in front of this hole. Next put the dowel inside the box and place dowels on them wherever you want to, glue them with hot glue. Let the glue dry. You can also paint your box and dowels to make your game colorful. Use spray paints to color the dowels. Cover the box with wrapping paper and cut out a goal on both ends of the box. Now drop your ping pong ball and your beautiful DIY mini foosball is ready. U createcrafts

Diy mini foosball game for kids

 6: DIY Paper Spinner 

This is the most interesting game for kids and to make it you will need a twine, cardboard circles, printed papers in circular shape, glue, scissors, and markers. The first step is to print the circles. Color these circles with markers or paints and cut them out. Trace these circles on cardboard and cut out one cardboard circle. Now glue the paper circles on this cardboard circle. Next, make two holes in the center. Now take a piece of twine and run it through the holes. By holding the pieces of a rope in your both hands go in circles, so that the rope gets twisted. Now pull, relax, pull, relax and enjoy the game. DIY Paper spinner game for kids.

Diy paper spinner game for kids

 7:Alphabet Bingo game 

This is a very simple game to make at home. Most people love board games, but do not like to waste money on buying them, so you can make this easy game at your home. To make this print an alphabet bingo board. There are 10 boards to use so a bunch of people can play this game at a time. At the last page of the printable they have cards that you can cut. Now all you have to do is to show the card to kids and ask them to hide that letter with anything they like. You can use candies, marshmallows for this purpose. They  hide five words in a row you have got Bingo. DIY Alphabet Bingo game for kids.

Diy alphabet bingo game for kids


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