DIY Kitchen Cabinets Designs and Plans. Make Storage Pantries Yourself


1: Lower Cabinet rollouts for kitchen

To make this wooden roll out kitchen cabinets you will need plywood cleats, brad nails, frostner drill and screws. Plan the width of the roll out cabinets, by using cleats. You have to decide the width of the wooden cabinets and then make some numbers, convert the number into measurements. Use them for adjusting and deciding the depth as well as width of the roll out cabinets.

For this DIY wooden cabinet plans, you need to do the assembling, glue the rollouts by nailing the back panels from the back side, use as many nails as needed for attaching the bottom shelves before doing your assembling though. Follow step by step instructions. .  Your DIY roll out cabinets are ready for use.

01 diy kitchen cabinets build storage cabinets yourself

2: DIY Shaker storage Cabinet Doors

To build this cutting board with storage you will need a table saw and wood scraps. You can adjust the size of your kitchen knife storage rack according to the space of the cabinet doors. The more knives would mean you need more storage capacity on the rack.You would love making these Shaker style kitchen storage cabinet with doors.

For this DIY wooden cabinet construction, Remove the saw blade, now cut a very small strip for making the cap. Glue and clamp the parts. Your DIY Shaker Kitchen cabinets are done.

02 make wooden kitchen cabinets yourself

3: Ultimate Container storage Cabinet

To make container storage cabinets you will need plywood, aluminum rods, brad nails and a full extension slide. First of all measure the opening of the base cabinet. Now using the table saw cut the side panels. Make partial cuts to form L shaped sides. Trace along the edge of the paint cane to draw the radius for the curve on side panels. Cut the curves on the sides with the help of jig saw and smooth them with sandpaper.

For building wooden storage cabinets, you need to mark the location of the rod on side panels as a guide. Wrap tape around a drill bit from the end to use as a depth guide while drilling. Now drill holes at the marks. Apply wood glue to all edges that meet and arrange the side bottom front and back on a workbench and clamp them together.  Finish the rollout by adding the dividers for making DIY cabinets. Now nail the dividers to the rollout and cut the carriers. Screw the drawer slide to the rollout. Now finally install the carrier and rollout.  Your DIY Kitchen container storage cabinets are ready and all done.

03 diy kitchen drawer cabinets for storage

4:Rollouts in cabinets with center dividers

Many two door Kitchen cabinets have a center divider. Build rollouts that will be a narrower version on each side of the divider. The key is install the plywood with the MDF panels, you need to do it carefully. The panels should be installed between the center divider and the wooden cabinets, they would support the carriers.  Cut the panels according to the size needed to fit between the divider and cabinet,  its high should be adjusted according to the position of the roll out cabinets.

Center the panel on the backside and middle of the divider and screw it into place with 1 inch angle brackets.  Here you can use a carpenter square, for dividing and positioning the panels from the center as well as vertically. Now install the rollouts. The simple DIY kitchen Roll out cabinets add-ons are ready.

04 diy kitchen island pull out drawer cabinets build kitchen cabinets


5: Space Saving kitchen cabinet

This kitchen cabinet storage project provides more space for the plates and bowls in your crowded kitchen cabinet. Most of the cabinets in your kitchen have only one or two shelves leaving a lot of wasted space. Now in this project we add one or two shelves to most of our cabinets. To make this you will need 3/4 inch plywood and a bag of shelf supports. These supports are easily available in the market.

Use the plywood with the supports and add/install them into the cupboard. This will create more space to organize your plates and bowls in the kitchen. Make this with scraps and plywood and arrange your drawers.  DIY Space saving kitchen cabinets are done for small spaced kitchen, you would love their designs.

05 diy kitchen cabinets build roll out kitchen cabinets yourself

6: Under sink storage Cabinet

To make wooden under sink storage cabinets for kitchen this you will need air compressor, air hose, brad nail gun, circular saw, clamps, combination square, cordless drill, countersink drill bit, framing square, paint brush, safety glasses, wood screws, plywood, maple, ball bearing drawer glides, finish nails and construction adhesive. Measure the cabinet opening to construct the base for lower pull out trays.

Now mark the base to locate the center and side partitions. Align the side partitions even with the outer edges of base. You need to find the central part of the base, mark it down with a bed. Use the clamp to hold the partitions, now use a drill machine to make holes, glue, and screw them with the base.

Measure the exact distance between the partitions. Cut the parts for the tray and nail them together. Set the drawer sides on a ¾ inch spacer holding them flush with the front.

Align the front and base with the back edge of the face frame. Insert the base assembly into the floor of the cabinet. Screw the base to the floor of the cabinet. Now make and install the upper trays with the same method. Seal the trays with polyurethane to protect them. Your kitchen cabinet add-on for the lower cabinets is ready. Read more step by step instructions at DIY Under Sink Kitchen storage trays.

06 build kitchen storage cabinets

7: Cookware Organizer Cabinet

Most of the base cabinets do not have enough space for large spaced cookware, pans, and appliances. You must have some cookware storage organizer in the keep for keeping the countertops clutter free. In this project, you are taught how to remove the bottom storage shelves, and then use vertical plywood panels for making cabinets.Your DIY Kitchen Organizer cabinets are ready.

07 diy kitchen storage cbainets

8: Roll out pantry Cabinet

For this project DIY roll out kitchen cabinets, you will need the hardware consisting of two heavy duty bottom mounted slides and one center mounted top slide that together can support 130lbs. Now construct your unit. Make the bottom tray 3-1/2 inch tall and upper ones 2-1/2 inches tall. Now remove the door and hinges. Remove the existing handle and reinstall it in the center of the door. Now install your hardware and your DIY kitchen roll out pantry Cabinet is ready.

08 diy wooden kitchen cabinet designs


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