DIY Koi Fish Pond for Garden, Porch and Backyards. Add Pond and Waterfall Features



It is important to add a water feature in garden, backyard, front yard and patio landscapes because it allows you to make a connection with the nature. I am sharing DIY pond plans which would be helpful for you in building a small pond in the exterior part of the property.

1. Make your koi fish pond

First, you have to dig the ground to male your pond. Then you have to line up the pond with sturdy plastic or rubber liner. This guy has shown in detail the necessary step to build your koi fish pond. From installing an aerator and filtration system to maintaining the PH of the water. Check it out here.

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2.DIY advanced and fancy koi fish pond

For this one, you might need some advanced tools to do so. This koi pond is partially underground and partially above ground. But after all this struggle you will put in making your fancy koi fish pond. What you will get is a beautiful and decorative pond in your garden.

3.DIY ultimate koi pond

You will have to be patient and careful to make this one. It needs some extra care. But you only need essential carpentry tools (digging tools, etc.) to make it. Furthermore, you have to install a 1500-gallon fish pond water pump. And after a lot of patience and hard work, your magnificent koi fish pond is made.

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4.DIY 4000 gallons koi pond

This guy has made a 4000 gallons koi pond by himself. He specifies that the only thing which was not done by him was digging (but you can do it by yourself). If you want to keep this pond partially above water, you will need to run two courses of 8x8x16 construction blocks. Also, you have to install a bottom drain. Find out how you can make it too.

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5.DIY koi pond with a waterfall

One tricky thing about this one is to create a waterfall but once you have one, it will be a lot more attractive. The other time-consuming thing about this one is that you have to build a 15inch high wall around the perimeter of the water garden area as these guys did.

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6.DIY turn your container into a pond

You can make this one comfortably, but after adding further modifying it, you’ll be able to add your koi fishes in it. This one can give your backyard a beautiful and attractive look and after adding things like plant and rock in it. It will become a beautiful pond from a useless container.

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7. DIY elegant koi pond

“OHMY!CREATIVES” have shown a way that you can make a magnificent and sleek fish pond having a waterfall with some basic knowledge and patience. You can add koi fish in it after making the environment suitable for them. It may cost you a little bit more, but it will save your money a lot.

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8.DIY front yard pond

Have you ever wanted to create a front yard pond? Well, you can learn from here that how you can also make like that one as this guy did. It will surely be a useful creation.

How to build a koi fish pond


9.DIY backyard garden pond

Do you mind a beautiful addition to your garden in the form of a pond? You must check how you can do so. By installing an aerator and a filtration system in it, you can make it your koi fish pond.

10.DIY attractive pond

The navage patch has introduced a series (consisting of three parts) to create a beautiful pond. You also can do it yourself, If you want to do so. Check it out here. And further parts are: part 2, part 3.

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