DIY Ladder Decoration for Home: Creative Ladder Shelf


Do you want to know how to do DIY ladder decoration? If you have a ladder, turn it into a planter shelf, book case shelf or a decorative display for magazines. Learn how.

DIY Simple Ladder Shelf plan

For this DIY ladder decor, you will need measuring tape, MDF, wood glue, sanding paper, clamps, wood paint, screws and a pencil. First, for the design of the shelf.

Four separate levels shelf design is made. Consider keeping the width around 50 cm which increasing in ascending manner from top to bottom.

Ladder Shelf
Ladder Shelf

Once you have cut according to the prescribed design, assemble the shelves. Here, make markings on the two legs for each side. Now, via nails and wood glue, assemble the shelves.

On the leg of the  DIY ladder shelf, attach the shelves one by one. When it is perfectly attached, use the wood glue and then use clamps. Now that assembling has been completed, paint the shelf.                            

DIY Inexpensive Ladder shelf Plan

For this DIY ladder decor, you will need Danish oil, one pallet, three 2 by 4s, white paint and some screws or glue. First, cutting the ladder is important.

For making this DIY ladder shelf, we need two straight two by fours. Cut one of the two to 80″ and put it with a straight surface to analyze  the kind of inclination you would prefer.

Now trim the top and bottom at the same angle for them to be parallel. Stencil the cut further for the four by two and two by four.

DIY ladder decor
DIY ladder Decor

One this is done, prepare the shelf support. According to the desired numbers of shelves, measure the ladder uprights. Now, on either of the edge, cut off another two by four. Once done, you can now design the shelf supports. For this, you decide the depths, and ensuring that all shelves touch the wall is important. The bottom should be at 14” then 12” then 10” then 8” and lastly, 6”.

Now sand all sides. Since we are done with basics, start preparing pallet shelves. Cut 18” for each board once you have removed the nails and supports. Apply the Danish oil. Now mount the shelf support and paint the ladder. Finally, put it all together through nail gun and glue. Your DIY ladder shelf is ready for display!

Diy Blanket Ladder

For this DIY ladder decor , you will need two sheets of 2×4’s at 8’. Also, 1 of 2×6 at 8’ with two half pocket hole screws of ½”.

Firstly, make cuts of 5’ and 17”. Then drill the allocated pocket for the holes accordingly. Now the rungs of 12” (four in number) are attached.

Blanket Ladder

Once this is done, you need to add a finish. This can be of your choice be it paint or wax. Then, distress the finish to give it a warm comfortable look. You will love to have this DIY blanker ladder in your home.

Antique DIY Ladder Shelf Garden

For this antique style DIY ladder shelf garden, you will need 1×10, 1×8 cut to 4’ long for the bottom shelf and  1×8 and 1×6 to 34” for the top.

Antique DIY Ladder Shelf Garden

For the lower end of the shelf, cut  around 2×4 piece and screw it to the bottom board.

Now that they are built, paint them chalk with a dark wax finish. Now log the shelf with plants.

The best use of this is for the ease of space and easier watering of plants since we have now built shelves.

DIY Bedside Ladder Shelf

For this DIY ladder shelf for bedroom, first you need to select some boards for the shelves, some for the wall supports and connectors of ladder and the wall.

Now, for the inclination, lean the ladder to the wall and attach it via brackets. Depending on the length of the board, cut the size. Paint the board if you want depending on the color you wish to paint it in.

Bedside Ladder Shelf
DIY Bedside Ladder Shelf

With the boards touching the wall, cut each one and mark the area of supports.

The screws come beneath so they are not visible. Finally assemble and decorate wishfully. Your DIY ladder shelf is ready for bedroom, use it as a bedside decoration for displaying books and items.

DIY Blanket Ladder

Get 2 boards of 2–6 feet long 1×4 boards and one 6 foot ¾” dowel rod. This DIY ladder is suitable for boho bathroom or simple bathroom.

You can display blankets and robes over this DIY blanker ladder and put it in the corner of the bathroom.

Now sand down all the edges and cut the dowel into four pieces of 18”.

DIY Blanket Ladder
DIY Blanket Ladder

Now lay all pieces and mark each rung 1×4’s. Space them fourteen and a half inch apart.

Now by using 3/4” pallet paddle, drill shallow rounds. Then drill long screws into the board and screw the dowels. Lastly, line up second board and assemble all for the shelves.

DIY Ladder Bookshelf

For this DIY ladder shelf, you will need woods for shelves, a ladder, shelf brackets, wood glue, sandpaper, wood finish and 0.5” wood screws.

The first task is to prepare the ladder. Then add the braces to the ladder which is then proceeded by cutting and installation of the cross bars.

Ladder Bookshelf
DIY Ladder Bookshelf

Once this is done, cut and reinforce the shelves. Now use the sand paper to sand the shelves.

You may apply tung oil across and mineral spirit for smoothening. Wipe down the wooly region and excess finish. Let it dry for a while. Your DIY ladder book shelf is ready, now put in the room or library.

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