DIY Makeup Brush Holders. DIY Makeup Bags and Pouches for Vanity Table

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Instead of your throwing makeup brushes inside cabinets, you should make some DIY brush storage boxes and containers. Leaving your brushes in drawers is not safe since you use them on your face for applying makeup, besides they take a lot usable space on your vanity and dresser, causing big clutter which is for the most part avoidable.

Here are some makeup brush storage and organization ideas.

DIY Sushi Mat Roll

You would need one bamboo mat, some buttons, glue, and yard thread for making this DIY brush organizer.  gluing the button onto the bamboo mat, you would be able to store medium and large sized makeup brushes within the mat. Since you can roll the mat, it would keep your tools from getting dusty in the air.

Make makeup brush holders diy no sew makeup brush holder

Leather Brush Holder

By using a piece of nice leather you can make a nice brush storage with ease. If you do not want to spend more timing on making a makeup storage organizer, this DIY project is the right for you.  For making this DIY leather brush holder you would need a piece of scrap suede or leather  which is at least 12 inches long, for long brushes you would need longer than this size, additionally you need one exacto knife.

Make makeup brush holders diy leather roll makeup brush holder

Aluminum Brush Holders

You can buy scrap aluminum pots and vases, turn them into nice DIY brush holders without doing much modifications on their designs. The market is full of decorative vases and pots in brass, copper and aluminum.

You can repurpose aluminum planter pots into brush storage organizer without much ado. It it not even a rocket science to do so, you just need to pick the right sizes for your vanity table. Your brush storage container must not be oversized or they would clutter your makeup table.

Make makeup brush holders diy aluminum vase holders

DIY Glass Jar Brush Organizer

You can repurpose old vases, paint them or cover them with washi tape or printed paper to make beautiful DIY Glitter brush organizer for your home.  This tutorial shows how you can wrap up a glass jar with foil paper and cover it with clear by using mod podge. The step by step tutorial on making DIY brush organizer is illustrated on the website.

Make makeup brush holders diy glitter brush organizer

DIY Straw Dispenser Makeup Organizer

You would need one straw organizer, prime it with two coats and then spray paint it in your favorite color for making DIY dispenser brush organizer for your beautiful dresser or vanity table. The lid of dispenser would help keep your makeup brushes protected from dust and dirt particles.

Make makeup brush holders diy soup can makeup brush holder

Copper Pipes Brush Holder

It is amazing how easily you can make beautiful makeup organizer by cutting brass and copper pipes. You would need to cut copper pipes into appropriate DIY  makeup brush holders for your tables, you can even display some flowers and plants by using them as a small vase. In fact you can display almost anything. You would need copper pipes of different diameters and cut them by using the cutter.

Make makeup brush holders diy copper pipe makeup brush holder

DIY Oilcloth Zipper Makeup Organizer

I personally love how you can convert a monogram zipper bag into a nice DIY brush set holder. There is nothing too complicated to understand on the tutorial, you can use almost any type of the bag which has a safety zipper, besides storing your brushes you can put in your face care products in it since it has a zip lock you can keep it in the vanity. You can even put it in your purse and take it along as you go out. Check the tutorial on OIL cloth makeup storage organizer.

Make makeup brush holders diy oilcloth bag

Tote Bag Brush Holder

You need a pattern fabric with liner, faux gold leather and Velcro tape. You can use any pattern for making your DIY tote brush organizer, good thing is you can use for storing your makeup sets and accessories as well because the size is pretty huge. This bag is pretty much usable and it reminds me of my old school bags which used to have stunning patterns.

Make makeup brush holders diy velcro makeup pouch

DIY Makeup brush storage Bag

It is really beautiful how you can make beautiful bags, containers and tote pouches yourself without spending so much money. For making this DIY brush storage pouch you would need canvas fabric,bias ribbon and thin plastic. If you know how to sew some items, just basic knowledge can be used for making this DIY makeup bag. You can store your makeup brushes and other accessories of daily use in it. Use any pattern which you love and like, this one is centered around World

Make makeup brush holders diy global brush holder


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