15+ DIY Mosaic Artwork Ideas for Uplifting Garden Ambiance and Beauty

Mosaic artwork is a wonderful way for bringing pop of colors into interior and exterior decoration. This

artwork dates back to primitive times when artists used mosaics in Mesopotamian temple way back in 3rd Millennium.  The materials used for creating artwork for Mosaic ceilings, walls, floors, domes and pathways used to be a mixture of seashells, personalized stones, geometric glass shards, and abstract pieces of rocks or pebbles. In fact ground work for Mosa was created by using shells with combination of abstract pieces only.

DIY Mosaic Artwork and Projects

Anyone can create mosaic artwork of their own by using glass shards, rocks and  stones. Now people are also using newspaper, crushed tissue peppers and discs in order to create a custom style artwork that is nowhere to be found in the early times.

  1.  You can make amazing things for garden and patio, check this.DIY Tree with Mosaic Tiles .     
  2. DIY Mosaic table from tiles for serving food to the guests. You can also use the pieces for covering your cups, glasses, mason jars and wine bottles. If you cover bottles with mosaic pieces you will have ready to use indoor vases, which can be placed on kitchen window sill for growing some indoor flowers during summer time.
  3. Mosaic Garden wall art ideas. It is amazing that you can decorate picture frames, wooden boards and cards with the mosaic in order to create artwork with bright colors.
  4. Stone mosaic pathway for outdoor beauty. Some homeowners also decorate  their concrete garden fountains with the tiles to introduce some colors in the exterior.
  5. You can buy plain terracotta planter pots in big numbers and cover them them with mosaic pieces for giving theme edgy makeover. Place these planters on table and enjoy their beauty. Decorative Mosaic Vase.
  6. Glass Mosaic Bird House decoration. Birds will definitely be attracted to colors of the house, you can hang the house in the garden,it would be a decorative garden centerpieces along with being a great house for feathered friends.
  7. Seashell and Rock Bucket for decor.  You can cover up ugly dust bins, wooden containers and boxes as well by using the same techniques.
  8.  Mosaic House numbers and Name plaques.
  9. Some people with artistic minds cover their musical instruments with mosaic pieces. Beautiful blue colored Mosaic Guitar
  10. Creative seashore Mosaic wooden tray for serving food and drinks.
  11. Beautiful frame decoration with bead and crystal mosaics
  12. DIY Beach Theme Nautical  Seashell  Mosaic Mason Jars

Vibrant  Mosaic  covered Terracotta Flower Pots and Vases

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

source for artwork

Mosaic Glass Stepping Stones

The idea is to create beautiful pathway stepping stones for amplifying outdoor beauty. You need not to buy expensive pieces of glass and tiles, you can use pre-cut mosaic tiles in different colors,paper and foams as well.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

Tutorial for mosaic artwork

Mosaic Tree Trump Stool

These tree trumps seems to be painted in vibrant colors in first sight, when you look closer you notice mosaic pieces being pieced together for making floral arrangements, robin bird, and leaves on the wooden.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

artwork tutorial 1, 2

Terracotta Mosaic Bird Bath

Colors attract birds, this is an excellent piece of bird bath with sun motif in the middle. The colors would definitely grab the attention of feathered birds who would come near the property in search of water during summer time.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor


Blue Mosaic Lazy River Bed

A variety of mosaic stones, pebbles and river rocks have been added to this outdoor artificial garden river bed. It is amazing how beautiful it really looks. Some homeowners do this for creating colorful garden and patio bordering.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

source for garden artwork 1, 2, 3

Decorative Mosaic Accent Table

If you ever needed a wooden table for outdoor use in garden, lawn and patio; these designs would not let you down, they are creative and very artistic. You can create a small garden by decorating them with planter pots, green herbs and plants.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

Source repurposed reel tables 1, 2

Mosaic Garden Window Wall

Reclaimed wood window is used for making a great garden privacy wall and screen, you might have seen how window glass used to be stained in primitive time for adding beauty to the exterior structure of homes. This mosaic window artwork reminds of the stained glass, the only difference is that mosaic tiles and glass pieces are used for decoration.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

sourceidea 1, idea 2

Mosaic Garden Rocks

It is fun to mosaic river rocks in beautiful colors, but another idea is to piece together beautiful glittery mosaic glass tiles over big rocks. You can paint the rock in colors as well for making beautiful rock artwork for garden decoration.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

DIY garden rock decor

Scrapbook Paper and Mosaic Bird House

Wooden bird house is covered with a beautiful printed scrapbook paper and is furthermore improvised using paper cut mosaic pieces. This miniature outdoor bird house design is really amazing.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor

faux china bird house/a>

Mosaic Glazing Ball for Garden Decoration

You can use a world map globe or simple globe, it has to be huge in the size. Now start making circular shaped designs with the mosaic tiles and pieces, there is no random shape used for this one except for within the circular designs square mosaic pieces are used. You can be creative and use pre-cut botanical or leave print pieces for making art for garden or patio decoration.

DIY Mosaic Garden Decor


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